Out With the Old, In with the New

Greetings Magical Friends,

Abbi here, watching the rain coming down in Las Vegas, while Jeff is in Florida doing a corporate gig. I decided to stay home for this one so I could prepare for our upcoming Mysterium event. If you’re going to be in the Las Vegas area, I hope you’ll stop in! Learn more about it:vegasvortex.com.

I thought I would take a few moments to check in with all of you and say hello! This Winter, I’ve been reflecting on the balance of holding on and letting go, balancing the opposites, and staying in the flow. I’ve been going through drawers in the kitchen, shelves in the closet, cabinets, bookcases and cupboards… and moving things out, opening space for the new to come in. I’ve been giving away stuff in great heaps and piles, and have made many trips to the local Goodwill. Out with the old, in with the new.

I find this theme recurring outside in the garden. All the dead plants from last season have been pulled out, and indoors, there are lots of tiny little seedlings sprouting… new dreams and visions manifesting, even as I write. The fruit trees I bought a couple of years ago are now big and strong enough to get transplanted from their pots into the ground, so the orchard at the House of Mystery is underway. From the smallest seedling to the largest lemon tree, everything grows, with the help of the sun, the rich earth, and the sweet water.

In the meantime, I’m excited to tell you that I’ve created a new handling for Gordon Bean’s “Jinks” effect, and I’ve been working on the script. Ask me, and I’ll show it to you when you come to the Magic and Mystery School. I will look forward to seeing you!

Your friend in magic,
Abbi McBride

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