Light in the Darkness

Dear Friends:
We’re delighted to have the following piece from Abigail McBride for our “into the dark time” of the year. The coming months typically bring lots of emotional highs and lows, and this year promises to amplify both. So I think some kind words from our resident light-bringer are likely to be particularly welcome! And now, Abigail:

When I was very young, I shared a bedroom with my little sister. She was scared of the dark, convinced that monsters would rise up from under the bed to eat her once the lights went out, and no matter how many times Daddy would show her that there were no monsters, still, every night, she was scared. 

image credit JCMaziu

I, being the kind big sister that I was, had a good idea. I would paint pictures for her with my words when Mama would leave the room after singing night-time prayers with us. The light would go out, and the picture-painting would start.
“Imagine… we’re outside in the backyard, and it’s a sunny warm afternoon. What are we wearing?” …and she would answer. Then I’d continue, telling her what we were doing, what games we were playing, what animals came by to visit… every so often asking her to fill in the blanks about what color the cat was, or what was growing in the garden… and eventually, she’d drop off to sleep and the picture would be complete for that night. For me, ever since I was a child, helping people to relax through creative visualization and guided meditation has been a way I’ve brought light to the darkness.

And now, we are going straight on into the darkest time of the year, when the nights get longer and longer and warm summer days seem like a distant dream. What light will you bring to keep you warm and bring illumination? 
These days, one of my favorite ways to bring light, is to share Mindful Moments on our Mystery School Monday program. In each of these segments, I offer a technique, or a breathing practice, or a brief visualization, to help us grow into awareness and presence in the moment. I’m also enjoying working with a few clients as a Mindfulness Coach. For a little taste, if you haven’t joined us yet, please consider this your invitation, every Monday at 7pm pacific time.  My Mindful Moment happens just before we close the class:
We are also posting these shows at our virtual Magical Wisdom site,

I hope you will join us!

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