Darkness & Light

Greetings magical friends,

Abigail here, writing from the safe sanctuary of the Library of Secrets here at the House of Mystery. Here and now, at this moment, with this breath and this heartbeat, all is well.

I am still wrapping my head and my heart around the tragic events in Las Vegas on October 1st. It’s an awful mystery, of why people act the way they do, why they think harming so many innocents is a good idea, why this happened at all… and there are no answers. There is no sense to be made. No way to understand, and so, the mind spins on….

Eugene would speak of the philosophy of India. I have been learning that, according to one school of Indian thought, we are now in the middle of the Kali Yuga, the period of time when everything falls apart and is destroyed, so that it can be created again. This age supposedly started about 5,000 years ago, and is supposed to last 432,000 years. It leads one to think that things may be challenging and chaotic for some time to come.


And so, we have a choice to make.

We can either give in to the despair of the time and give up, or, we can recognize that we, as bringers of light and delight, of magic and mystery, are here now for a reason. And we can double down and rise up, recommitting ourselves to our practices, whether we practice magic, music, art, or something else entirely. We dive deep and reach way in, and find the spark of consciousness that burns in each one of us, and we can remember.

We can remember those who lost their lives on that terrible day, and on all the other terrible days before that one. We can remember the courage and the strength of all those who helped in those minutes, hours and days right afterwards. We can remember the families of all those affected. And in the act of remembering, we can re-member. We can begin to put it all back together again. Like the phoenix, we rise.

Abbi silk

And that’s where the real magic can happen.

In these times of challenge, we need, more than ever, to tap into our own light within, to grow our roots down and branches up, connecting with the other trees in our forest, with the other people in our communities, with those who need us now.

May we turn the difficulties into compost and mulch to help us grow, to get us through the dark Winter ahead. May we hold fast to the light as it fades, knowing it will return in the Spring. May we not be afraid of the dark, for in the dark, there is mystery, power and magic…

Yours in the shadow and the light,

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