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“Logic only gives man what he needs. Magic gives him what he wants.” – Tom Robbins, Another Roadside Attraction

Greetings magical friends!

Tobias here, just home from a chocked-full week of rehearsals, press events and fun in Atlantic City! Jeff, Abbi and Jordan Wright opened Jeff Mcbride – Magic at the Edge at the Trump Marina this week, to overwhelming success. For my money, this is Jeff’s riskiest show in some time, with lots of new pieces. Perhaps the most noted of them is his “Time andJeff McBride & Jordan Wright Memory,” in which he tears up this week’s copy of TIME Magazine and tosses the page out to random audience members. Asking them to shout out their page numbers, Jeff proceeds to tell them exactly what’s on the page they are holding, in great detail. He goes through a half dozen pages during the show, then challenges those holding all the other pages to meet him in the lobby after the show, and challenge him with the remaining pages then. The truly amazing thing about this is that it’s not a trick – Jeff really does memorize the whole magazine! It makes great theater.

Reviews in Atlantic City have been glowing. I think my favorite so far is Chuck Darrow’s review for the CourierPhoto from Courier Post Review Post and Daily Record newspapers.

A brief clip from the review:
“With the exception of a weekend gig at Trump Plaza a couple of years ago, master illusionist Jeff McBride has not spent any time in Atlantic City since 2001. Suffice it to say, it’s we fans of the veteran wizard who have gotten the crummy end of that deal.

That’s because McBride… has always been among the very best magicians who have earned Atlantic City gaming hall paychecks.

As “Magic at the Edge” clearly illustrates, McBride’s brilliance remains intact. Foremost among his considerable talents is his ability to be cerebral and arty, yet totally accessible to audience members of all ages.”

This week, Eugene Burger and a dozen students from around the world are joining the company for a special edition of the McBride Magic & Msytery School extended Master Class. The press coverage has been great fun, — they’ve dubbed the class “Hogwarts by the Bay,” with even a TV crew turning out to cover it as a special feature!

You can read a great South Jersey Courier Post article by clicking here.

By the way: We do have a few slots left for September’s 3-day Master Class in Las Vegas. This will be our last “regular” Master Class of 2007, and if you’re looking to tune up your magic before those holiday season parties, this is a great opportunity. I’d advise registering early by clicking here and then clicking on “Register Online” and getting that space reserved!

We have other news, as well.

After several months, we finally have the Enigma – Jeff McBride, a MagickalA Magickal Life Life available in our online catalog, each copy signed by Jeff. The price is $30, and we currently have only a limited supply. While we’ve recently had to raise our price for the popular Kundalini Rising to $18, we now have refill kits available for the first time for those who previously bought the effect. The refills don’t contain any instructions, and will go for $10 each. We have also begun selling the McGrip Tip card spinning gimmick as a replacement for those of you who may have lost the one that comes with Jeff’s Zoom, Bounce & Fly video. At present the McGrip Tip comes in a small plastic bag, but we’re working on having it available as a boxed item with some special tips not contained on the DVD included within the next 6 weeks. Explore all this and much more by going to

Back here in Vegas, I’ll be running the stage shows next week at Magic Live! For those of you planning to be there, you’re in for a treat. If you haven’t already made plans, you’re out of luck, as the convention has been sold out for several months now. Stan likes to keep as many of the details of the convention a secret right up until the last minute, so I can’t even tell you who is on the bill – but I can tell you Mindfreak Sept. 21 it looks like a great show! If you’re visiting and you see me at the convention, please stop me when you see me and say hello.

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Have a great week!
Oh… and mark September 21 on your calendar.

Best wishes.

Tobias Beckwith

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