Art & Magic

On the top of my reading list is the inspirational magic book ART AND MAGIC by Sam Sharpe. I had the pleasure of getting to know Sam a bit when I was in London years ago performing at the London Mime festival. Sam was an inspiration to many of us at The Mystery School. His words of wonder still ring in our hearts. Here is one of my favorite quotes from his last book. “If magic art is to be raised beyond mere prosaic puzzles and vulgar deception bordering on charlatanism, it must be used as a material magic mirror in which to reflect images of supernatural phenomena drawn from psychic and spiritual worlds. The magician should aim at keeping the existence of these planes of phenomena before the public consciousness without claiming to be an actual exponent of the occult sciences. That is to say, he should be a magic artist, his high purpose being to evoke the sublime primary feeling of wonder in a world of cynicism and materialistic outlook.”

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