Zen and the Art of Magic

I have been a student of Eastern philosophy most of my life. I started studying martial arts when I was 8 years old, and have been influenced deeply by Asian culture. Not only have I collected magic and masks from the East, but I also love to collect magical wisdom, quotes and aphorisms. The following is one of my favorites: “The one who can do the most magic with the least amount of stuff wins!” I am blessed to have good teachers in my life, guides who have prevented me from making costly mistakes. When I first started performing, I had a big show to do and little inspiration. I was feeling insecure with my ability to deliver the goods. I would throw lots of money at props and high tech gadgets to puff up my show. I have learned over my many years of performing that you need not fill the stage with props and boxes if you can fill the audiences’ hearts and minds with real magic. Much of my inspiration for magical minimalism has come, in part, from a few of my friends and teachers. Eugene Burger, Max Maven and Jonathan Pendragon all have something in common. They are all masters of the magical arts. All of them can work huge theaters with the minimal amount of stage clutter. They make the magic. They ARE the magic; not their props! This has a lot to do with the attention they have all put into other areas of theater. I am a student of their work and they are an inspiration to all of us who seek magical artistry. I am fortunate to be able to spend time with Max, Eugene and Jonathan; they are in my special inner circle of friends and magical heroes!

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