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From the Dean, Dr. Larry Hass
At the heart of our mission at the Magic & Mystery School is our Scholarship Program that provides need-based financial aid to magicians who need a “hand-up” getting their magic education with us. The program was founded in 2012 and, since then, has provided over $115,000.00 in financial aid to over 280 magicians with demonstrated need.
Over the years, the School has received many direct donations to the Scholarship Fund, but the primary avenue for the fund’s growth is by people signing up to become MEMBERS of the Online Magic & Mystery School. Indeed, a substantial portion of every membership fee goes directly into the fund.
Recently, we decided to create a report of our activities and services delivered in 2023. This is being sent to our current members, but we also felt readers of the Museletter might appreciate seeing what we have been up to this past year! So, here is Abigail’s…

Abigail’s 2023 Annual Report
We have been reviewing some of our accomplishments and dreams that we manifested in 2023, here at the Magic & Mystery School, and wanted to take a moment to share some of them with you.  We are so grateful for your ongoing support, and all the ways you help us to “improve the art of magic, one magician at a time.”
Did you know? In 2023:
We offered 26 classes, both online and live in Las Vegas, Chicago and Maryland, which more than 600 students attended.  
We awarded 46 students just under $14,000.00 of need based financial aid to attend these classes.
Jeff had 120 students come through the Mentorship program, many of whom went on to win magic competitions, Got Talent shows, and be seen on Penn & Teller: Fool Us.
We successfully opened and ran the Eugene Burger Séance Show experience to sold out capacities, thanks to an anonymous kind donation from one of our students.
It is only because of your generous support and interest that we are able to continue our mission, and there are many ways you can help us!  
One is to become a member of our Online School, or raise the level of your membership if you’re already in! All the information on that is here:
You can also make a donation to the Scholarship Fund, which provides need-based financial aid to magicians who need a hand up to get their magical education:
Or you can make a donation to the School’s General Fund, by sending through PayPal to with the word “General” in the comment box, or by check to McBride Magic, Inc., 3132 Shadowridge Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89120.
On behalf of the Faculty and Staff of the Magic & Mystery Schoolthank you for making a real difference for real people!  If you have any questions or thoughts, please connect with me. We appreciate you!

A Thank You from Larry

Let me also extend my appreciation for your participation in our classes and events, and for your generous support of the Scholarship Program. Magicians frequently ask if they are MEMBERS of the Online School, or how they can sign up to receive its benefits and support the Scholarship Fund. Here’s how!

1. To see if you are already a MEMBER, go to the MEMBERSHIP page and sign in at:  If you are unable to sign in, it means you are not a member or that your annual membership has lapsed.

2. To become a MEMBER (or re-activate your membership), please go to that page and read about all the benefits that come with each level: Supporting, Premier, or Gold Circle, and please join!

Again, thank you for being a part of our worldwide community of magicians who seek to deepen our knowledge and craft of magic at the same time we elevate the art as a whole!

All the best for the new year and beyond,

Larry Hass, Abigail, and Jeff McBride
And all your friends at McBride’s Magic & Mystery School

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