Yearning for Learning

Magic is believing in yourself. If you can do that, you can make anything happen.

— Johann Wolfgang van Goethe

Dear Friends:

All of us here at McBride Magic send you holiday cheer and the very best wishes for a magical new year!!


The way we learn and gather information is changing. New access to broadband technology and the internet is increasing the amount of hours you stay on-line and absorb video via the net. This exciting TED talk will show you the coming trend. When you have eighteen minutes to invest, I recommend you take the time to check this out.

After you view this clip, you will get an idea of the direction our Magic and Mystery School has begun to explore. I’ve been involved in many “Skype Sessions” online recently, helping students from around the world.   We talk about ways to improve magic, business and life. For more information on our Skype sessions and how you can benefit from them, go to:


Last month, at WONDERGROUND, we had Criss Angel, Jonathan Pendragon, The Amazing Jonathan and too many other magic celebrities to really count. You never know who might show up. Make sure to arrive around 7:30 if you are planning to attend in person, or, tune in to at 9pm pacific time to watch from your home! You can get all the details at


Isn’t it time you brought your magic to the next level of excellence? We keep our Master Classes to about a dozen people. This way, we can give hands-on attention to each individual attending the class. I hope you can join us this year. See our exciting line-up of classes at

From Tobias:

Happy holidays to all! A quick holiday thought…whatever religion you may be, or holiday you might celebrate this time of year… Don’t you think Santa Claus must qualify as “The Christmas Wizard?” Who has more magical powers than Santa? Between flying around the world on that tiny slay, powered by magical flying reindeer and presiding over his own mythical kingdom at the North Pole, he is one phenomenally productive wizard! And he’s clairvoyant, telepathically aware of whether every one of us has been naughty or nice. He never seems to age, in spite of what has to be a stree-filled Christmas Eve each year, trying to cover every house in the world, teleporting up and down all those tiny chimneys, all within one 24 hour period. Truly amazing.

So…I wanted to take a moment to share this photo of our own magical “Christmas Wizard” with you once again. We have so many new subscribers this year, I know about half of you have never seen Eugene in his “alter ego” role before.

We hope this finds you all enjoying the most magical and happy holiday season ever. Thanks once again for being a part of our extended family here at McBride Magic.

Magically yours,

Tobias Beckwith

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