Winter Wonderland WONDERGROUND!

In a Wonderland they lie,
Dreaming as the days go by,
Dreaming as the summers die:

Ever drifting down the stream —
Lingering in the golden gleam —
Life what is it but a dream?

— epilogue to Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Caroll

Greetings friends,

OK, it’s official, I can now share my magic with you on TWITTER. My twitter name is McBrideMagic. I promise to keep my tweets inspirational, motivational, magical and interesting. One of the lessons I’ve learned on Twitter is how to distill wisdom and compress it into the pure essence…. That reminds me of one of my favorite quotes by Bapuji:

“Consider, before you speak, whether it is an improvement upon silence.”

(A thoughtful moment of introspection for you….)

Well, now it’s time to break the silence…. Ring the bells and bang the drum!

The WONDERGROUND rises once again this Thursday, December 17th, at 8pm at The Olive in Las Vegas.

Overheard at The Wonderground:

“This is what I had hoped to find when I came to Vegas!”

“It’s like the Magic Castle without walls!”

“This is so $#@^%*! cool!”

Here is the official press release from Tobias. Feel free to share this with your online communities and friends.


Contact: Tobias Beckwith
(702) 697-7002


Master magician Jeff McBride and his company of conjurors, artists and performance artists will bring the special magical nightclub experience, Jeff McBride’s Magic Wonderground, to the new club at The Olive (3850 E. Sunset) beginning on December 17th, starting at 8pm. Promising an evening of non-stop magic featuring strolling entertainers, close-up magic, live art, techno-tribal belly dance, lighting F/X installations, a psychic sideshow with tarot and palm reading, and a 10pm ‘All Star Stage Show,’ the event is hosted by Jeff McBride and features guest stars of magic from around the world.

Master magician Jeff McBride will be joined at each Wonderground by DJ Master Diaz, the Mojo A Go-Go Girls, the Mystery School Magi, Jordan Wright, Scott Hitchcock, painters Areeya, Suzanne and Minnie, and psychic entertainers Danita and Morganne. The Wonderground will happen only once each month, on every ‘Third Thursday,’ for the coming year. New talent will be featured each month.

Jeff McBride is best known for his dynamic fusion of masks, magic, Kabuki theatre and grand illusion. He has been seen in many Las Vegas venues, including Caesars Palace, LV Hilton, Golden Nugget, and most recently in his own show Magic at the Edge.

Jeff McBride holds three Guinness World Records for magic. He is a popular television guest, with featured performances on shows ranging from The World Magic Awards, Masters of Illusion, Mindfreak and The World’s Greatest Magic toStar Trek, Deep Space Nine. He runs the McBride Magic & Mystery School, which is widely known as the world’s top magic school.

The Olive is known to its patrons as Las Vegas’ new stylish Mediterranean restaurant and hookah lounge. It has only recently completed its new addition, an amazing nightclub space adjoining the hookah lounge.

During its previous incarnation, McBride’s Wonderground received glowing notices from both the press (Las Vegas Sun, L.A. Times and many others), and also through a unique “as it happens” online video channel at The evening was streamed live, with online viewers able to conduct a running conversation with each other, as well as with performers and club goers. The online link is slated to be an integral part of The Wonderground experience at The Olive, as well. Magic fans who can’t make it to Las Vegas can tune in from anywhere in the world between 8pm and midnight (PST), and attend virtually.

The Las Vegas Sun wrote of The Wonderground, “Walking into Wonderground is like stepping into a parallel universe where mysticism is the currency and magicians reign supreme. Green lasers dart across the dark room and a pair of curvaceous belly dancers perform onstage while a fortuneteller reads Hindu tarot cards and magicians from around the world work the room.”

For further information on Jeff McBride’s Wonderground, now at The Olive, go to, or call the McBride hotline at (702) 450-0021. All events will be broadcast live on

Robin Leach interviewing Jeff at WONDERGROUND. Robin was the very first reporter to mention the WONDERGROUND in his column.

We look forward to seeing you at The Wonderground this week!

Best wishes for a magical holiday season!

Jeff McBride & all the crew at the Magic & Mystery School

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