What is the Wonderdome?

When you come visit us in Las Vegas, I want to show you around our 5,000 square foot multi-media magic facility. As you enter I will say to you, “Welcome to the WONDERDOME!” A few years ago my friend Gary Stadler had an idea to help me create a new kind of magic theater. We ran with the concept and developed a light-weight portable dome theater and took it to the Burning Man Art Festival to try it out… it worked! That idea led to the WONDERDOME! Last week we hosted an open house party for the all the magicians in Las Vegas who attended the World Magic Seminar. Inside the Wonderdome that night we mixed magic with a live DJ, shadow-dancing, techno-tribal drum and dance, and grand illusions with live synched video projection! If you wantto see some fun photos go to our media galleries.

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