Time to Be Courageous

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”
— Anais Nin

The Illusionists

Greetings Friends,

It seems that I am touring more now than I have in years. And that means there’s a good chance that I’ll get to see you somewhere on my travels. I am fortunate that producers see magic as a potent and viable entertainment form that continues to draw audiences and big box office. Hats off to all the brave and bold producers who are creating magical events to entertain and enlighten the world!

World Tour News

Over the coming months, I will be co-starring in The Illusionists. Some are saying that this may be the biggest tour in the world of magic. The tour continues in Mexico and South America, with rumors of Europe, Broadway and Las Vegas in the future… I will have updates each week of my tour in future Muse Letters and on the show each Monday evening on www.mcbridemagic.tv.

Take a look at the news here: http://tinyurl.com/itrickillusioniists



The popularity of our “Mystery School Mondays” continues to grow: Over 5,000 people a week, from 78 countries are watching our show! If you have not seen our new episodes on Houdini, Magic and Medicine, and Magic with a Message, you can catch a few of the back episodes here: http://virtual.magicalwisdom.com/tv/episodes


“’Why not?’ is a slogan for an interesting life.”
–Mason Cooley

Wonderground News

What do Siegfried, Lance Burton, Criss Angel, Mac King, Johnny Thompson, Kevin James, Murray, Luna Shimada, and Amazing Jonathan all have in common? They are all frequent guests at what is being called “The Coolest Show in Las Vegas!” It is a mega-magic party extravaganza, and it happens only once a month. Be part of the fun; attend in person! Details at http://www.vegaswonderground.com or watch live online at http://www.mcbridemagic.tv 10pm, Thursday June 21st.

The Show Doctor“Fortune favors the brave.”

The Show Doctor

The big inside news is that my new book will be available around July 1st. You can get information at www.theoryandartofmagic.com.

Mystery School – Final Master Class of 2012

Due to my intense touring schedule, we will only have one summer Master Class this year. There are currently five spots left for this year’s extended class in August. For more information: http://www.magicalwisdom.com/

Note: Our other classes for the year – Focus on Street Magic, Magic & Mentalism, Magic & Medicine and Magic & Meaning are still on…and filling fast!

Wishing you all a magical summer!

Jeff McBride

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