The Singapore Spook Show

It is a hot 107 degrees in Las Vegas as I write this, but we are keeping cool indoors at our Magic Mansion, going over notes from the Extended Master Class with Eugene Burger, Lance Burton, and Mac King. This was our most culturally diverse class yet! Students from Sweden, Japan, and from all over the USA attended. We’ve included some photos from the class. We spent ten hours a day with the students, going to shows, and working one on one building their performances.


Last weekend, Dante and Blair Larsen came to the house with a TV crew to interview us for an independent film they’re making, called “Women in Boxes.” (as opposed to ‘men in boxers’, which would be another show entirely). The next day, Franz Harary
came to visit, and shared with us his vision of Planet Magic. I helped Franz design a show built around making the Las Vegas Stratosphere tower disappear.


In a few days, we’ll be traveling to London for the Magic Circle Centennial Celebration. We’re looking forward to seeing the magicians in town, to doing our show, and to holding a Secret Session. Abbi and I will get to Stonehenge for a visit and weave some of our magic into the ancient site.

Shortly after we return from London, we will be going to Portland, OR, for The String Cheese Incident’s summer festival at Horning’s Hideout. Abbi and I will be teaching several workshops there, including “CULTIVATING A MYTHOPOETIC LIFE” and “ALCHEMICAL CREATIVITY”.
For more information, go to and click the SCI link.


Eugene and I are working with Lawrence Khong of Singapore to prepare his spook show, which will open soon. Apparently, August is the month of ghosts in Singapore. Last year Lawrence had over 20,000 people attend his shows in 3 days! I’m looking forward to going to Singapore to direct the magic and to help prepare the show, just before Abbi and I go to Burning Man.

After I return from Singapore, Abbi and I will be driving up to Burning Man. Burning Man is an incredible festival focusing on radical survival and radical self-expression. We’ll be hanging out at the Inner Mind art installation, along with wizard Gary Stadler, so do stop by if you’re in the neighborhood….

Yours in magic and mystery,


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