The Secret of Seeing in the Dark

“Life is a mystery, and magic is in the unraveling of its secrets.” 
– Johnny Depp

I was one of those kids that was terrified by darkness. I had to sleep with a nightlight on, and often checked for monsters in the closet and under my bed. But not anymore! I think magic was one of the things that helped me face my fears and even gave me the courage to look deeper into the shadows. Magic helped me find my own inner light, to help me see in times of total darkness! 

One of the masters of bringing light to the often shadowy realm of the mystic arts was Eugene Burger. Many of you know that Eugene was a master of séance and spirit theater, a magic teacher and my friend for over 30 years. Abigail and I have now dedicated an extraordinary experience to celebrate Eugene’s life and his legacy of Spirit Theater.

The Eugene Burger Séance: A Night at the Mansion of Mystery

Join us for a 3-hour immersive magic theater and seance experience – live in Las Vegas. If you knew Eugene Burger, you’ll have a mysterious opportunity to visit with his magic again. If you;ve never met him, then this is a rare treat – but there are only 13 seats at the table!

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Magic is a Journey from Darkness to Light

Eugene and I both felt that the way a person watched a magic show was very much how they approached the challenges of life. Life is either a wonderful mystery to be experienced or a frustrating puzzle to be solved! Here is a quote  from one of Eugene’s favorite philosophers that unfolds this idea. Just change the word “magic” for “life” and it nails it!

“Life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved.”
     – Søren Kierkegaard

Fine magic is often enlightening. When good magic happens, a light switch is turned on that illuminates us with surprise and delight; that is why people often say “A-HA!” when they experience powerful magic! I love creating those “A-HA!” moments for you, my friends!

Have You Seen the Ghost?

“In the shadows, we often discover the brightest sparks of creativity and insight.” 
– Evangeline Harcourt

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The TED Talks of Magic

That’s what they have been calling our Magic & Meaning Conference for many years. This amazing online event gathers some of the top speakers and presenters in the world of magic for three days – and you can join us online! This year our guest of honor is one of the world’s most respected magicians and authors, Peter Samelson! Join magicians from around the world as they present their powerful magical performances and lively, inspirational talks.

No matter where you live in the world, you can join us for this extraordinary once-a-year event that will inspire you to make better magic. Register here –

Abigail and I wish you a great Halloween season!
See you online or in Las Vegas,

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