The Next Uri Geller

Late Breaking News:

Our friend and Magic & Meaning student RAMANA won the TV competition to find “THE NEXT URI GELLER!” in Europe.

RAMANA wrote to us last night:

“The highest art in any medium can only emerge from a spiritual background. This applies particularly to the art of magic”.
— S.H. Sharpe

Dear Jeff, Eugene, and Tobias,

The last 3 months were the most lucrative in my life as a performing mystery entertainer. I joined the Dutch version of PHENOMENON (THE NEXT URI GELLER) and I won the series! In my performances I tried to mix true magic/mystery with performance mentalism. Every time, I tried to give something more to the audience than just nicely presented effects. I always put hidden, mostly spiritual, empowering messages in my performances. I believe to create true mystery one should have one hand in the ‘real’ world and the other in the ‘other’ world.

I am inspired by my little life experience, travels to India and other strange places, knowledge from books but also by my great teachers Jeff McBride and Eugene Burger. Especially their vision to put MEANING!!!! in your magic/mentalism.

Thank you Jeff for the advice and inspiration you gave me for this show. I feel proud to be your student.

I highly recommend everybody to visit the MAGIC AND MEANING in Las Vegas and other of their classes and don’t forget to believe in your self, follow your heart and a passion…

Your student in the mystic arts,

Thank you Ramana for making us proud to be a part of your growing success! If you want to see a bit of RAMANA check out the video at

And now, on to our regularly scheduled Museletter!

“We can escape the prison of our own beliefs and enter the Palace of Possibilities when we allow ourselves to be astonished by everything.”
— Gary Craig

Greetings All,

Abbi and I have escaped. We took a week off from traveling to, guess what? TRAVEL! We escaped to Zion National Park, in Utah, for a few days of hiking the majestic peaks and experiencing the breath-taking vistas. Hey, it’s only three hours from Las Vegas. Abbi drove the van, while I sat shotgun, practicing a new card routine that I’ll show you next time I see you.

Heather Rogers, a recent Master Class attendee did, using the skills she learned at the Magic and Mystery School to win her freedom… Heather writes:

Dear Jeff & Abbi,

It’s 1:30 a.m. and I just arrived home from going to the gym. On my way home I was stopped by a policeman for “rolling through a stop sign”. I handed him the license with the clown nose on it and quickly put mine on. He was only mildly impressed.

Then I tried my first hand at my newest effect from Mystery School: B’wave… and Wammo! I got an “I’m impressed and I won’t write you a ticket this time.

Ya gotta love magic!

Love, Heather

P.S. Have you read “The Science of Getting Rich?” It is an amazing book written by Wallace D. Wattles in 1910 that is blowing my mind. You can print it out for free from wikipeda, because it is now in the public domain. Below is the link to get to that page.

We’re just about to send out our souvenir postcard commemorating the first season of CELEBRACADBRA. If you don’t receive our regular mailings, please email Abbi your snail mail address – – and we’ll make sure that you get our upcoming special edition postcard mailing.

Stan Allen at MAGIC Magazine ran an article on Celebracadabra, VH1’s magic reality series, in the March issue. Some updated info for you: The kick-off to the series has moved back a week, now April 20th, 9 p.m. The show airs every Sunday evening, with the exception of June 1st, wrapping up on June 22nd. And we’re now able to release the names of the celebrities who will be competing for the $100,000 grand prize: singers Carnie Wilson, Kimberly Wyatt, and Chris ‘Kid’ Reed; comedians Hal Sparks and Ant; and actors C. Thomas Howell and Lisa Ann Walter. We’ll post the full running schedule in April.


Last Call for Euro-Master Class 2008! We still have a few spaces for our upcoming class in Cornwall, England. Contact Kenny, for more information.

Istanbul, Turkey, and beyond! Jeff will be on tour with Magic Stars Festival with Abbi, and with his friend Kevin James and many other magic stars. For more information email Lee Alex at

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