The New Faces of Magic

Dear Friends:

“Jeff McBride changed my life & magic, he can change yours!”

 –Aaron Crow, AGT star


I can never tell who of my students will “make it big” in this business. Every year one or two seem to “break through” the crowd. It is a joy to be a part of one of my student’s successes.

This month Aaron Crow is featured on America’s Got Talent.

I met Aaron 15 years ago, and we worked on his Samurai act, as well as The Bowman. If you have not seen these amazing dare-devil thrill acts, you can look them up on YouTube. I’ve coached Aaron for many years, and also consulted and written for his full evening theater show.

Aaron has taken these pieces around the world, and now he is here in the USA to mystify and amaze us. See him! If you want to see who is hot in the world of magic, go to “The Winners’ Circle” and meet some of my star students–the next one could be you!

Romany the Diva of Magic is making waves in the USA and the UK.

Her new book Spun Into Gold is making the best seller lists all over the world.

Now you can read all about her success. Romany is this month’s guest for the muse letter.

What is YOUR Mystical Magical Quest?

By Romany

Ever since I was little, my Quest was – IS – to stand in the magical spotlight on stage, entertaining a beautiful audience. I knew that spotlight was pure magic and I wanted to be in it. I wanted – I want - to share my heart with the watchers in the dark. And so it began. Forty years of reaching towards that elusive spotlight.

But you know, a Quest takes us on a path that we could never have dreamed of – a path we might never have signed up for if we knew what dark forests it might take us through. Our dream draws us on, through the difficult and the wonderful, though the dark night and glorious day.

I am writing to you from my suite on a 6-star cruise ship. Last week I was headlining at the Magic Castle. I’ve just performed for Prince Charles and you can hear a 30-minute BBC World Service radio documentary following me developing a new act – with a guest appearance by Jeff McBride! – HERE.  I’m extremely honored to be on the cover of VANISH magic magazine in July, on a Genii cover in the near future, and have just been booked to do my 45-minute solo show at the 2019 Genii Convention in Orlando. If you’re going, I look forward to meeting you there!

I say this NOT to boast but to say that wishes DO come true if you keep persistently true to your Quest.

My very honest book about my life’s journey to become a professional magician called Spun Into Gold: The Secret Life of a Female Magician is out on Amazon now. I’d love you to read it. It’s getting great reviews which you can read HERE, but more importantly, readers report that it’s inspiring them to take action on their own dreams again. Some are going to sign up for Jeff’s Masterclass!

I received the most precious hand-written letter last week, which made every hour of two-years of work on the book worthwhile. It was from a magic friend who has very sadly recently lost her husband and best friend of many years. “Since he died,” she wrote, “I have been drifting, heartbroken and uncertain what to do next. I read your book and loved it. Your story made me realize that it is possible for good things to happen again.”

Well, that’s it for me right there. If my book can serve to comfort and inspire, my gratitude for that opportunity is absolute, and my drive to get my book out into the world is motivated by my wish that it will do the same for many more people who need to hear that much more is possible than we ever imagine. As Eugene always said, “We are the Magicians of our own lives.” If YOU are the magician, what magic will you create, starting today? Starting now?

As you’ll read, my journey has not all been glitter. Some of it hasn’t had much sparkle at all – but my Quest led me to meet Jeff, Abigail and Eugene, to find Mystery School, love, loss and many weird and wonderful adventures! As I keep following my path to create a magic act good enough for Broadway, no doubt it will take me on many more. I’d love you to follow me by visiting or @magicromany on Instagram. I’d love to hear how YOU are following your own dreams, bringing that special magic to the world that only you can.

What is YOUR Quest? Where will it take you?

Top tips to reach your dream!

•    Pin a card saying, “I can and I will. Watch me!” to your fridge.

•    Pin another saying “Believe and act as if it were impossible to fail.”

•    Notice the people whose eyes light up when you talk about your dream. Those are the people you keep. (Like Jeff!)

•    Take naps when you get discouraged. Everything is always brighter after a nap!

Thank you, Jeff for inviting me to write to your wonderful friends. I am so grateful to you for your teaching, inspiration and friendship. Hoorah!

May your path be filled with Love and MAGIC!


Thursday June 21 doors open at 7:30pm

8 pm: host Tim Wise
Charly D’Carlo The Rising star of Magic
Michael Mirth – From the Magic Castle in Hollywood
Chris Britt – Magical Musings
Jordan Rooks – Millennial Mysteries
Jeff McBride – Houdini Outdone!!

9:15 pm: host Will Bradshaw
Nino Maiani – The Pirate Magician!
David Ramey – From the Magic Castle
Michael Mirth – The Artistry of Mystery
Chris Britt – The Magic Storyteller
Charly D’Carlo – Master of Close-up Magic

At the WONDERBAR – Jeff McBride, Tim Wise, Kent Axell

10 pm: host Jeff McBride
Jeff McBride presents – Masks of the Mystic
Nathan Phan – He gives us Wings!
Charly D’Carlo – Illusions of Wonder
Rene Delgadillo – Salsa Magic!
Nathan Phan – Escape from Reality
Chris Randall – The World Championship Act

All of the above, plus:

Photography by Sheryl A. Garrett. Bar Magic with Zack Pattee, Scott Steelfyre & Maggie, Corey Rubino, Taylor Lloyd, New World Rythmatism Belly Dancers, Psychic Sideshow with Morganne– and many more surprises and special celebrity guests

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