The Key That Opens Any Lock



One of the greatest magicians of the 20th century was Harry Houdini. His escapes were symbols of hope and freedom — a reminder to us all that the human spirit cannot be chained. I remember Houdini’s quote above whenever I feel trapped or at a dead end.

“My mind is the key that sets me free!”

We all have the keys within us. 

Spooky Facts:

Harry Houdini died on Halloween, 1926. Every year, even to this day, seances are held around the world to contact his spirit. Seances are a unique form of theater.  

Our beloved Eugene Burger was a master of this rare form of spirit theater magic. 

Now Eugene is on “the other side of the veil,” and perhaps seance mediums will invoke his spirit at the seance table… I’m sure Eugene would amuse, startle and delight the sitters in the darkened parlor room… I can hear his wonderful heartwarming laughter right now. Can you?

Keeping the Tradition of Spirit Theater Alive…

We just finished a mysterious weekend workshop of Seance & Sprit Theater here at Mystery School. Seance Master John Ferrentino held us spellbound as he manifested sprits from beyond the grave. 

Our mission at Mystery School is to explore all branches of the magical arts and help turn our students into great performers! Perhaps one of our new students – maybe you – will become the next Houdini!

How Do Magical People Celebrate Halloween?

FOR THE PAST 20 YEARS, Abigail and I have met up with 300 new and old friends and gone out to the middle of the desert for an all-night drum and dance ceremony called BONEDANCE! This is a Samhain/Halloween celebration – an alchemical fire circle ritual of drumming, dance, voice and sound. We honor the ancestors, the turning of the wheel, the balance of shadow and light, and journeying through the darkness into the beauty of the morning. Fueled by magic and led by mystery, Desert Moon Circle will present the opening for our Circle, and this magic is not to be missed!

We love to drum and dance and make magic around the bonfire. Every year we host BONEDANCE, an all-night dance in the Nevada desert. 

How Do Witches and Wizards Celebrate Halloween?


Thursday October 31st, 2019

8:00 PM – 11 PM @ The Olive, 3850 E Sunset, Las Vegas, NV 89120 * Phone: (702) 451-8805

Don your masks and finery as we ride the sonic waves. Shake out the cobwebs, and see who takes the prize at the costume contest! This is a special community co-creative art installation.

With DJ Mystery, the New World Rhythmatism Featured Dancers, Spiral Dance and Community Ritual, Interactive art, Costume Contest for awesome prizes, the Mystery School Magicians, The Psychic Sideshow, big surprises and much more! Creative and festive costumes and masks are wholeheartedly encouraged but not required.

Go here to learn more:

“Never before has so much magic content been available in one place for people to learn and enjoy magic for such a low price.”

– Jeff McBride

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MAGICFLIX is collecting the proven masters, and at the same time, we are cultivating the up-and-coming young magicians that are innovators, and are creating new magic for new generations. 

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Las Vegas Magic News

The Las Vegas Magic Stars will be touring in 2020. Shows in the USA, as well as a China tour are in the planning stages. 

Mat Franco’s show continues to sell out at THE LINQ. Mat mentioned to me that he has many new items in his notebooks just waiting for the green light to get to the stage!

Kevin Lepine opens his new show called â€œSeance” at Binion’s Casino:   

Tommy Wind will open his new show at the OYO hotel and Casino. We wish Tommy the best of luck! 

Penn & Teller’s FOOL US is renewed for another season. This show is a “career maker” for many magicians willing and able to take a shot at mystifying the masters…. good luck guys!

Congratulations are in order for one of the world’s top magical entertainers, Gazzo! Gazzo has a new residency in Las Vegas. He will tell us all about it at WONDERGROUND!

Wonderground News

The BIGGEST MAGIC PARTY in Las Vegas just got better– 3 great shows – never to be repeated!

More info at:

October 2019

8pm — Tim Wise is your Host
     Iam Creed – Lights up the night!
     Eric Stevens – Curator of Unusual Moments
     Jay Jay – He Can Steal your heart!
     David Frost – Tech-No-Magic!
     Luna Shimada – Feminine Mystique

9pm – Close-up Theater
     Will Bradshaw- is your host
     Eric Stevens Close Up Curator of Unusual Moments at The WonderBar

     Special One-Man Show!
     GAZZO- Living Legend of magic! 

10pm — Jeff McBride is your Master of Ceremonies
     Luna Shimada – Dynamic Dynasty 
     Bizzaro – Direct from Spain!
     Jay Jay – You’ve not seen him yet!
     David Frost – Grand Illusions

All the above plus: 

Photography by Sheryl Garrett. Bar Magic-Brian Apollo, Scott Steelfyre & Maggie, Corey Rubino, New World Rhythmatism Belly Dancers, Psychic Sideshow – and many more surprises and special celebrity guests

I hope to see you over at the site, at one of my shows in Vegas, or on the road!

Be inspired,


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