The Eight-Fold Path to Mastery

Dear Friends:

Don’t Give Up or Give In!

George Leonard’s book MASTERY made a profound impact on my life as a performer. George mentions that there are often long periods of our lives where we feel we are making no progress. He calls these plateaus. Plateaus are the long, flat places of our journeys where we do not seem to be rising up to the next level of excellence. Sometimes we need a guide or teacher to help us get motivated or reach that next step.  

Here are the 8 steps you can take towards mastery.

Ask yourself, “How did you find out about the art of magic and find your way to our mystery school?”

1. Watch live performances & lectures.

This is usually the first point of entry. Perhaps it was the first time you saw magic on TV, or a live show, and that may have started you on the road to study magic and philosophy.

Did you ever see my magic lecture live?

Now can see many of them here for FREE! Go to MAGICFLIX.COM, register and put in the code MCBRIDE. Go take a look, and tell me what you think! I would appreciate your feedback.

2.  Watch great DVDs and read inspiring books.

When a student gets more serious, they start to work with our DVDs, and read our books, to deepen their understanding of our magical performance, philosophy, and vision.

3. Take online magic classes.
The Internet has made it easy for students to continue their deeper studies of magic by accessing our archives and online resources.

Have you seen our new online school? Here you go!

4. Make progress with Skype mentoring.

For a much deeper understanding of magic, our school offers coaching and mentorship. I can work with you from the comfort and convenience of your home!

Many of our students develop mentoring relationships with our teachers via Skype for personalized feedback, and career guidance. We provide ongoing mentoring, training, and inspiration.

5. Take a live class in Las Vegas.

When a student feels they are ready, they will take the journey to Las Vegas to study with our teachers and faculty at our school. Each class is an initiation into a different aspect of the magical arts, and each caters to varying levels of students’ competence.

6. Enroll for a private class or residency.

Many students have specific needs or visions they need to refine. Personal private classes and residencies accelerate this creative process. Interested? We can work out individual sessions and residencies. Just call Abigail at (702) 450-0021.

7. Study the McBride Masterpiece Series

This intensive program shares some of our top secrets, training, philosophy and masterpiece routines with deserving students.

The only way that the masterpiece series is transmitted is live and in person – never through a medium. Go here:

8. Become a personal apprentice.

As a student progresses, it may become time for them to become an apprentice to one of the teachers at our school. The apprentices have the opportunity to deepen their studies, and get personalized feedback by assisting the school on a daily basis. This is the opportunity of a lifetime!

Eugene Burger was Jeff McBride’s friend and mentor for 30 years. Here they are after a UK tour, many years ago at sunrise at Stonehenge

The apprentice is charged with developing their own magical expression and performance style. Their creative, artistic, and career and business development are reviewed regularly. The apprentices also help facilitate classes and the day-to-day running of the Magic & Mystery School, as well as performing as featured guest stars in the many shows and classes.

Apprentice positions are open only to students currently enrolled at the Magic & Mystery School.

Now it is your time to take your steps towards mastery.

What steps will you take this year to lift the level of your magic, career and life?  We are here to help train and guide you.

See you online or in Las Vegas. 

Be inspired,



If you are planning to attend the S.A.M. convention in Las Vegas in January of 2020 — I’ll be hosting a special class just before the convention:

You are invited to the biggest magic party in Las Vegas! 
One night only — never to be repeated!


December 19th, 2019
7pm   –  Rakesh – Close-up Magic
Tarot by Kim Renee
Ambient music by Thayer and Richard

8pm   –  Comedy Magic Show
Tim Wise is your host
Jungle Josh and Eric Odditorium
Darren & Jerryl — From the Far East to Vegas!
Joan and Lynetta — Ladies of Legerdemain
Elliott Hitchcock — International Man of Mystery 
Will Bradshaw — Holiday Hocus-Pocus

9pm  –  Close-up, Magic Parlor and Strolling
Will, Scott & Tim at the Bar
Darren & Jerryl — Exotic Mysteries 
Joan and Lynetta — Whimsy and Wonders
Luke Dancy — Contemporary Conjuring 
Mondre — Master of the Close-up Table
Jungle Josh & friend Eric Odditorium

10pm  –  Variety Stage Extravaganza!
Elliott Hitchcock — International Man of Mystery
Steelfyre — The Cutting Edge of Magic
Darren & Jerryl — Exotic Mysteries
Jungle Josh & friend Eric Odditorium
Joan and Lynetta — Mischief & Mystique
Crossbow Magic — Danger and Daring  

All the Above Plus: 
Photography by Sheryl Garrett. Bar Magic — Scott Steelfyre & Maggie, Corey, Psychic Sideshow with Kim Renee – and many more surprises and special celebrity guests.

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