Sharpen your axe… and your act

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”
— Abraham Lincoln

Dear Friends:

What an excellent quote from Abe! I “sharpen my axe” by attending conferences, lectures and seminars that upgrade my skill sets and open me up to progressive ways of thinking.  I just must get away and get some real life experience from expert teachers.

Recently I attended a lecture by Juan Tamariz.  It was not just the magic effects that I found so mind expanding, it was more just being “in his company.” I felt like a dry plant being watered; I felt rejuvenated. I also get this extraordinary feeling when I host our classes here in Las Vegas. Eugene, and all of the teachers here at the school, continue to “upgrade” my creativity and my life skills.

If you want to join us for a class, please consider the March or summer classes.

If you can’t fly to Las Vegas, then take a look at our online school offerings for this season.

Jeff McBride at Wonderground
Jeff pushes his technique to the limits in his card manipulation routine.
All photos by Seryl Aguilar

“Thanks for the gift and thanks for the Master Class experience. It was really something different, something that felt meaningful and a memory for life. It was way better than my expectations. It was more than magic effects, it was a totally different kind of life.”
— Jompa Anderson, Master Class student

Are you Old School, or New School?

Do you prefer a Kindle book over a hard back book?

Do you “pop in a cd” or play mp3s on your iPod?

Do you write quick notes by hand or do you send a text on your iPhone?

Do you work with Bicycle playing cards or those new “fancy-schmancy” decks?

Yes my friends, we are living at a time where technologies are obsolete before they even hit your home!  We have been “bridging the gap,” as it were. Our Online School is a perfect example of a solution to the “old school/new school” division.

“A mind once stretched by a new idea never regains its original dimensions.”
— Anonymous

Jeff McBride and THE WONDERGROUND PLAYERS in a recent stage extravaganza!

Meet my Freaky Friends!

I love stretching my limits, and so every month we host the greatest magic party in Las Vegas! Each month we create A NEW SHOW! Join us this Thursday, Feb. 21st at 8pm for the latest edition. For full line up and information go to:


This month at WONDERGROUND we are featuring ZAMORA THE TORTURE KING!

ZAMORA: is just back from Europe, and makes a rare appearance.

JASON ANDREWS: 1st place winner at the IBM stage competition.

DAVID GROVES: the author of “STREET MAGIC”  weaves his wonders

LES CONTORTIONETTES-:fantasic blend of puppetry and contortion

BIZZARO!:One of the most creative minds in modern magic!

BIJAN & DAVID GABBAY From Hollywood, rising stars in comedy magic.

Take a look at some great images by Sheryl Aguilar, from last month’s event

If you like, you can watch our show for free, ONLINE at 10 pm on  WWW.MCBRIDEMAGIC.TV

Kyle Raven
“New Rave” magician, Kyle Raven from Singapore lights up the stage at WONDERGROUND!

McBride World Tour: China & Thailand
I am on my way back to China again for a super stage show. Jordan Wright will join me on this trip and my next one to Thailand. Hey, I might even be coming YOUR way soon, so please look at my tour dates.

See you at the shows, on tour, or online at the “virtual magic school!”


P. S.

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be kindled.”
— Plutarch

Join us & set your mind on fire at our annual MYSTERIUM gathering.

From Tobias:

We have several weekends in May currently unbooked.  If you’ve considered sponsoring one of Jeff’s “McBride Magic Experience” mini-conventions in your city, now is the time to think about doing it.  You can learn more about how the whole process works at:

Jeff loves coming out to share his show and teaching across the country, and we’ve developed a “minimum risk” way for you to sponsor him – in many cases you can sponsor the whole show, lecture and workshop with a lower overhead that it would take to sponsor a lesser known magician just for a lecture.  Click the link above to learn more, and then get in touch with me and make arrangements!

Best wishes.
Tobias Beckwith

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