Remember…. Monday is a School Night!

Genius is childhood recalled at will.
– Charles Baudelaire

Greetings All,
Bryce KuhlmanOur guest columnist this week is Bryce Kuhlman. Bryce is a longtime friend and magician who advises us on many matters and maintains our various web sites. He is also the creator of, the internet’s best resource for researching magic products. I know you will enjoy his insights below.
It’s the Same Every Time:
Master Class Observations
I have an interesting position at the Magic & Mystery School. I’m technically faculty, but I have asked not to be paid (other than a small travel stipend which I usually spend on dinners with the gang). In addition to all of the web and technical work, I donate about six weeks of my time every year to teach at the Extended Master Classes.
Why, you may ask, would I do this? Those of you with two or three weeks of vacation a year probably think I’m completely out of my mind!
I do it because I have never found a better source of support and inspiration. If you could spend this much time with Jeff and Eugene, the rest of the faculty, and all of the amazing students, wouldn’t you do it? As it turns out, the reason I can spend this much time is due, in large part, to these same people. They’re the ones that have constantly inspired, motivated and supported me over the two decades that I’ve known them.
(Note: The above is an excerpt from a longer piece now available in the Secret Art Journal [Read More])

Monday is a School Night!

The excitement continues around our latest creation, which we believe to be the first live global interactive Web TV show: McBride’s Mystery School Monday.

McBride's Mystery School Monday

Mystery School Monday airs every Monday at 7pm Pacific Time, live from Las Vegas and around the world. Live magic, reviews, celebrity interviews & news reports from around the world, and now we’ve added special guest reporters from around the world.
Now you can participate in our show.   Just think of a question for Jeff or one of our other regulars, record yourself on video asking the question, post it on YouTube, and e-mail the link to The questions must be under 30 seconds long.
Here is sample question:
Each week we will choose several of these to show and answer live on the air.
In other news regarding the Mystery School Mondays, please note you can see previously archived episodes at
Wonderground News
This Thursday night is the February Wonderground. Hard to believe we’ve been at it for over a year now! Did you know you can learn the latest news about The Wonderground, including who will be appearing this week, just by going to and clicking the latest news link at the right of the page? Check it out.
Magically yours,
Jeff McBride

From Tobias:
Before the next Museletter comes out, Jeff and Eugene will already have completed this year’s version of Lance Burton’s Teen Weekend as a precursor to The World Magic Seminar. We’ve heard that both Juan Tamariz and Criss Angel will be doing special things at the convention, which promises to break new ground on a number of fronts. If you go, be sure and drop into Jeff’s room, say hello, and jam some magic!
I should also point out that there are still some spaces available both at Jeff’s Focus on Masks and Magic and the Extended “Alternative Spring Break” Master Class in Las Vegas. Classes later in the year tend to fill early – so if you really want to take the next step towards lifting your magic to the next level, one of these two classes may be your best bet for this year.
Wishing you all a magical month.
Tobias Beckwith

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