Perfecting Your Aim

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”
— Benjamin Franklin

Greetings friends,

You are invited to our celebration, as celebrates the beginning of our second year of online broadcasting. If you’ve not seen McBride’s Mystery School Monday, and what we’re doing online, you can watch, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! All episodes are available on demand, at your convenience. We’re having a party to mark the occasion, and all of you are invited!

Jeff McBride

It’s a party at the Mystery School, which is broadcast on the internet! Each week, I invite all of the friends and faculty of the Mystery School for a celebration of imagination, creativity, magical performance and philosophy. Consider this your invitation to a most magical time with us. Be sure to tune in every Monday at 7pm pacific time to


Over the years, I have met many creative and passionate magicians. Perhaps the most enthusiastic Houdini fan and collector I’ve ever met is Roger Dreyer. Roger has created a magical oasis in the center of NYC. It is the home of one of the greatest magic shops in the world, and also the home of an awesome Houdini magic collection that is on display for you to see when you visit the shop!

Roger is always donating his time and energy to create extraordinary events for our magic community, both in New York and here in Las Vegas. Now, Roger is helping us bring our gifts of magic to you, all around the world, so you can watch our shows and educational magic training programs from the comfort of your own home.

We would like to welcome our friend and magical creator Roger to our team!

He is our newest sponsor on

Go visit the virtual shop or, even better, drop into the REAL shop when you are in New York City! Take a peek: Fantasma Magic!

McBride Magic & Mystery

“In the long run, men hit only what they aim at”
— Thoreau

As a magic teacher, it often feels like I am helping my students perfect their aim, so they can hit the bull’s eye of their target.

Target = intention

Aim = Energy + focus + regular practice. These are just some of the “pointers” to manifesting your goals… hitting your target.

What goals or targets are you setting up for yourself in 2012 my friends?

One of the maxims I live by is, “People support what they help create,” whether that is an organization, a political movement, or even a vision of a better way to perform magic. This year, consider those around you who can empower your vision of excellence, and work with you to help you achieve your goals.

New P.E.P. talks online!


Our favorite filmmaker, Jordan Wright, has posted the newest outstanding presentations from last year’s Magic and Meaning Conference. If you have watched the TED talks, you will notice that these are similar, but they deal with themes related to magic, performance, and psychology.

Magic & Meaning P.E.P. Talks

Jeff McBride

I’ve always wondered…


Why one of the simplest little magic effects in my repertoire receives the most comments and fan mail…

Ritual of Liberation!

Richard Shadwell wrote me to say:

“Your Ritual of Liberation is one of the simplest yet most powerful effects that I perform. I have done it for friends and strangers alike. One person who I did this piece for (over 2 weeks ago) saw me at one of my regular haunts, and told me that after I gave him the little bracelet, he felt like a huge weight was lifted off his shoulders and was able to work out his problem in time. Of all the effects I do, this is my number one because it goes deeper then ‘just a trick’ …this truly is a ritual. Thank you for this beautiful ritual that I know will touch many, many more lives than I can ever hope to meet.”

Do YOU perform this effect? If you do, what are your thoughts about it? If you don’t perform it, why not? Let us know at in the chat room… We want to know!

“I came home from Master Class infused with a wisdom and a truth that is priceless and lasting.”
—Kevin McPherson

In January, we have the only three day Master Class of 2012. Go online to see if there are still any seats available, and get yours!

February brings me to Bogota, Colombia, and Buenos Aires, Argentina. All the info is here:

Jeff McBride’s Calendar

I will have a couple of free days while I’m there, so heads up, students in South America, if you want to have a private session with me while I’m in your city, email me directly, and we’ll get you scheduled!

I hope you stick to all of your New Year’s resolutions, and make this year the year that you visit us here at the Magic and Mystery School!

Your friend in magic,


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