Can Magic Heal Our Wounds?

Dear Friends:


This is Jeff, writing from the high seas:





I did not accomplish everything I wanted last year!

Guess what? Neither did you!

So what are we going to do?


Cry? Give up?


No! Be Persistent!


Let me tell you a short story:


Ray was middle-aged. He said he was ‘over the hill’ at 52 years old.


Ray was a poor milkshake salesman, but he had a vision of a more empowered life, and in just a few years he became one of the wealthiest men in the world. How?


When asked what it took to manifest his billion-dollar empire, Ray Kroc said the most important quality a person could have was (drum roll, please)…





Let us define persistence.


Persistence:  A firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition

                                   –Oxford English Dictionary


…and best when tempered by patience!


I might not be the world’s most famous magician… but I am persistent!

And, I can teach you a few things about that. My joy is in helping you get your dream life on track — and our team is here to empower your goals.


We live in a world of distractions – the thousand little things that pull us away from the goals we set in life. Cell phones and social media addiction, too much information, and endless amounts of work, work, work — that leave little time for what we love — and it is not going to stop unless you change and get help!


Pain Points


Ouch! Some projects and goals just hit a dead end! I hate that. Ouch!


When I am blocked, overwhelmed, or need help to focus on realizing my goals, I get professional help! You can too…and you deserve the best.


Tobias reminded me recently that we must often do the things we don’t like to do, in order to get to the things we love! Tobias calls the things we hate “pain points.” Our job at Mystery School is to help you move through and minimize as much of the pain as possible, and realize your goals.




One of the things I’ve learned is to be very patient with myself and our team. Our visions often take many years before they “take off.”  For example, here are a few of our projects that took many, many years to become successful:

It took almost 25 years for the Magic & Mystery School to become the leading magic school in the world…we are PERSISTENT.


WONDERGROUND is now celebrating a 10 year anniversary…..good things take time..we are PATIENT. now has over 400 hours of programming for you… creating a new 1 hour plus show for you every week…we are COMMITTED!



A Real Fairy Tale – Really!

Once a young lady came to our school with a BIG dream of being a world traveling professional magician. She had one major challenge: she was a beginner and had limited magic skills at that time! But she kept at it and enrolled in many of our classes. She learned her magic history, learned the classics, met top teachers, practiced, rehearsed, and built her own original show. This process took her many years. But she was patient and persistent. She was daring enough to enter a major magic competition in Las Vegas, and won a $5,000.00 top prize at the World Magic Seminar! She became an ‘overnight sensation’ after 15 years of work! Now she has a full evening show, travels the world on luxury cruise ships and often performs her show for the British Royalty… her name is Romany the Diva of Magic.


Romany is our poster girl for patience and persistence!



Romany is now one of the top magicians in the UK! You can see her onstage with us in our new show in the UK this April.


To purchase tickets for our shows at the Astor Theatre in Deal in the UK, CLICK HERE.


So my friends, if you have a dream, stick with it.


No matter how skilled

No matter young or old

No matter if you are rich or poor!

If you are patient & persistent, you will accomplish your dream!



I wish you good health… but remember, as I’ve been reminded too many time over this past year, you are not going to live forever!


What are YOUR goals for this year?


Do you have a show you are working on? A new routine you need an outside eye to look at?

Are you trying to book more shows? How can I (or our team) help you this year! 


I am hosting Skype classes and they are a fun and effective way for us to work together, especially if you can’t make it to Vegas for one of our live classes. Just e-mail me and we can talk about the next step… or just say hello, I love hearing back from you! I’m always available at:


Talk soon,


Jeff McBride


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