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McBride’s World Tour News-Muse!

All is well in Las Vegas. I’m home from the China leg of my world tour and getting ready for some corporate gigs here in town. There are more magic shows opening here in Vegas soon.  David Copperfield is inventing new “top-secret illusions” that will be added to his new show. AGT star and Mystery School student, Mat Franco is packing them in at the LINQ, Piff the Magic Dragon just opened his new show, and there are more show openings to come! Over at Mystery School we are scheduling our next season of classes and a major tour.

25 Anniversary 

25 years of McBride’s Magic & Mystery School

The World tour begins in January at The Magic Castle, then on to the UK for a tour.

(contact us if you want us to travel to YOUR country!)

Take a look at this GREAT article written by our friend Jay fortune:…/Mystery_School_MSM65.pdf

Have You Seen This Masked Man?

Jesk Mask Face Off

The magic of “THE MASK” transformed my life! When I began my career, I was just a typical magician…until I found the power and mystery of “THE MASK!”

THE MASK made me different.

THE MASK helped me stand out.

THE MASK opened up a new world of dramatic possibilities!

I’ve studied and trained with masters of mask theater all over the world. I have invented many original mask-magic effects and character pieces.

Now I will share a lifetime of experience with you.

Wall of Masks

Mask, Mime & Magic

with Jeff McBride & Enrico Pezzoli

We only host this workshop once every few years….so this will be the last time we offer it for a while. Enrico is one of the Italian masters of the mask and he will share his wisdom with us. I will share many never-revealed-before techniques, and mask magic secrets.

2 day workshop with ” The Master of Masks” 

Who is this class for?

*Magicians who want to add mime, movement and mask work to their performances.

*Masked performers, mimes and movement artists who want to add magic skills to their performances.

*Anyone who is an enthusiast of magic, mime and mask work, who wants to explore and deepen their understanding of these magical art forms.

A VERY SPECIAL 2 day workshop:

In this workshop we will explore the basic elements of working with masks onstage. We begin with basic techniques and move toward classical Commedia Dell’Arte masks and characters that date back to the XIV Century, as well as some traditional elements that performing masks have in common between different cultures, (from Antique Greece till modern days, passing through China, India, and Indonesia)…we will explore them all!


Your tuition includes:

  • A white neutral mask that you will work with over the 2 days and may keep after the workshop.
  • A Certificate of Participation in this class.
  • A Mystery School Workbook

Instructors: Enrico Pezzoli & Jeff McBride

Wonderground New

WONDERGROUND Thursday Nov 19, 2015 – One Night Only! Never to be Repeated!

You are invited to the biggest magic party in Las Vegas!


7:30pm – Strolling Magic with Will Bradshaw

8:00pm – COMEDY STAGE MAGIC SHOW- Host – Tim Wise

Luis Vega – Magic of he Mind

William Carter – A Magical Guitar song

Vinny Grosso -  Presenting something you and he have never seen

Barry Rice – Magic with a giant balloon & the yoga card trick.

9:00pm – DIAMOND PARLOR SHOW – Host – Christian Diamond

Luis Vega – Unusual secrets!

Paul Draper – Master of Mentalism

Shocker – from P&T’s FOOL US!

10:00pm – THE STAGE EXTRAVAGANZA – Host – Jeff McBride

Jeff McBride – Mask Manipulation

RJ Owens – A very funny Comedy Mentalist

Anastasia – Our favorite Femme Fatal

Niels Duinker – The MOST Awesome Juggler

Xavier Mortimer – Shadows and Light

Plus a very special Tawney Bubbles – Balloon fashion show

PLUS: Bar Magic with Zack Pattee and Scott Steelfyre, Iam Creed, and Randilyn

The NWR-Tribal Belly Dance Troupe, Psychic Sideshow with Alan Scott, live art with Areeya and many more surprises and special celebrity guests!!

Remember friends…

“Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.” — often attributed to Groucho Marx; but the true originator is Anthony G. Oettinger

Yours in better magic,

Jeff McBride

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