Master Class Students Sweep Las Vegas Magic Awards

Hey all,

Those of you who have met me know that I’m a pretty quiet guy. I like playing the wizard behind the curtain. Every once in a while, I get to come out from behind the scenes and make a few announcements.

First of all, I just finished editing a new issue of the Secret Art Journal. As always, you can find it online at

I just received some wonderful news from Jeff and Eugene. It seems that their Master Class students swept all of the awards at the World Magic Seminar teen competition. We would all like to pass on our congratulations to Sterling Dietz, Jayson Morrison, Vinny De Ponto, and all their family and friends for encouraging excellence in the art of magic! I’ll be posting details about them and the competition in the Winner’s Circle in the coming week or two.

On a personal note, I really miss visiting Jeff, Eugene and the Vegas gang at the Master Classes. Jenny & I used to attend them on a regular basis. Between my software business and her career (college physics professor), we don’t have as much time to travel. For those of you who’ve never attended a class, you really don’t know what you’re missing! Even though I’m no longer making a living with magic, I always came home fired up to work on magic. I think all of my best work has come after spending long nights with my dear friends in Vegas.

I finally made it to the bead store and picked up some cool new beads for the Ritual of Liberation. You can check them out in the catalog:

Back to my closet…

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