Many Faces of McBride

All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts….
— William Shakespeare

Website updates from Bryce

Jeff has just published a new Virtual Lesson:
  • Show Me the Money! Money changes hands every day. Why not take every opportunity to perform some magic?
We also have two new Secret Art Journal articles:

Jeff and Abigail McBride

Greetings friends,

Jeff here, with Abbi, celebrating our ten-year anniversary overlooking the Pacific Ocean in a secluded beach house near Santa Barbara. Abbi and I have been reflecting on our lives together, and the different roles we play in life. Abbi is a wonderful musician, dancer, singer, songwriter, massage therapist, gardener, cook and more…. lucky me! Abbi has been part of our Magic and Mystery School since its inception and she does a great deal of off-stage as well as on-stage performance magic.

Abbi noticed that often, students of magic come to our School, looking for a new role to play in their lives. Many people are looking to expand their experiences in the world. They are students, business men, retirees, career women. Some are young, ambitious teens, others are retiring from a career and looking for new purpose and meaning in their lives. Our question to you, dear reader, is: How many roles do you play in your life? What roles do you enjoy, and what new roles would you like to play? At a recent class, Larry Hass provoked me into making a list of the roles that I play on-stage and in life. Perhaps the following list will be interesting to some of you:

  • International headlining stage performer
  • Magic teacher
  • Master of Ceremonies at the WONDERGROUND
  • Host of Mystery School Monday
  • Author, Storyteller
  • Student, Apprentice to Eugene Burger
  • Librarian and Archivist of the Magic and Mystery School
  • Fire Circle facilitator
  • an Alchemist who blends all of these roles together in my life
  • and, most importantly, Husband to my lovely wife, Abigail

Over the years, many people have expressed interest in our Magic School, but they specifically do not want to play the role of a performer. These students of the art are magic “enthusiasts.” They are collectors, writers, historians, supporters, and lovers of all things magical. If you are one of these, you are most welcome to attend one of our upcoming events; perhaps Magic and Meaning is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Magic and Meaning 2010

I invite you to join me at some of our upcoming events.


Recently, Mac King, Amazing Jonathan, Criss Angel, Siegfried and many other magic stars have made the WONDERGROUND their club of choice here in Las Vegas. This month, the MAGIC LIVE convention will be in Las Vegas, and we will have many magical celebrities visiting and jumping up on the stage for surprise guest performances. Seating begins at 7pm; please arrive early. For complete details about this month’s line-up go to:

You can also watch WONDERGROUND from the comfort of your own home, live on August 18th, at 9pm pacific time, or on demand, anytime, at… Enjoy!


McBride’s Mystery School Monday airs live every Monday night at 7pm Pacific time. Each week, the faculty and friends of the Magic and Mystery School bring you the very best celebrity interviews, product reviews, insider information and inspiring magic video clips. We are the world’s first global, interactive, live-time weekly magic broadcast. It’s free; it is fun and it will inspire your magic and your creativity. You can also watch back episodes on demand at

As you can see, my friends, we love sharing our magic with you and are continually exploring new ways to do that. I would also love to hear from YOU, and what you would like to learn as you expand your horizons and explore the world of magic and art. You can drop me an email, It would be my pleasure to help you find more magic and meaning in life.

Magically yours,


From Tobias:

Just a couple of brief things from me today:

We’ve just upgraded the site at, with additional shows, videos and more. I hope you’ll visit and let me know what you like, as well as send any ideas for ways I can improve that site.

Our friend Tom Merseroll and his daughter Melina are appearing in a new film project, “Desperate Acts of Magic.” While they are well into shooting, the project needs additional financial support. You can view a trailer and learn more at:

I understand we have one slot still available at this month’s Extended Master Class, as well as one or two slots still available for Magic & Meaning. If you’ve been on the fence about attending – now’s your chance!


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