Magic – The Antidote to Deadly “Doomscrolling”

What is Doomscrolling?
Doomscrolling, or doomsurfing, is the act of spending an excessive amount of screen time devoted to the absorption of negative news. In some cases, increased consumption of predominantly negative news may result in harmful psychophysiological responses. 

Recently I heard a saying that goes, “Your master is what gets your attention most.” When you doomscroll, your attention feeds the social media machines, but leaves you feeling empty, or agitated, or like you are missing out on something. Now is the time to reclaim your attention and focus on what really matters in life.

What is the Antidote to Doomscrolling?
Magic! We all need magic in our lives. Did you know that one of the world’s greatest magic resources is at your fingertips? But, perhaps you didn’t even know it. It is an antidote to doomscrolling! Just watch the video below:

Let Us Inspire You and Lift Your Spirits
Magic feeds your mind, body and soul with one of the greatest resources to nourish you and to bring you back to life. The McBride Magic and Mystery School’s online archive is filled with programs that are life enriching and will inspire you. Meet and interact live with a caring community, learn new magic concepts from experts, watch interviews with the world’s most inspiring magicians, and participate in mind expanding conversations in all areas of magic.
Hundreds of hours of magic content and training await you. So the next time you hop online, know that you have a choice; doomscrolling, or uplifting magical wisdom. I think it’s an easy choice!

Did You Know?
Mystery School Monday is the longest running online magic show in history. It has been going for twelve years every Monday night. Just go to to join in. 
I would like to personally ask you for your support for our school. I’ll meet you online every week and we can share inspiration and magic.We are doing good work and we need good people like you to help us share the magic. Please support us and become a member of the most prestigious magic school in the world –
The McBride Magic & Mystery School – an oasis of magical wisdom in a desert of doomscrolling!
Jeff McBride

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