Magic for Speakers

Greetings my friends,

You may not know this, but it is true! For over 25 years I never spoke onstage. I was scared to death to speak in front of audiencesa—a  mime trapped behind a mask!

Here is a photo of me at 20 years old.

Breaking the Sound Barrier
It was not until I met great acting coaches like Bob Fitch that I learned the secrets of successful speaking. Since then, I’ve been seeking out the best speakers in the business to teach me—and now they can pass their professional secrets on to you in our upcoming class Magic for Speakers & Presenters.

One of Those Secrets is Attention
In order to survive, companies need to get people’s attention for their products and services. Who are the masters of attention? Magicians are masters of the art of attention!

Words are Magic
The power of magic words can move your audiences. This is why corporations hire magicians for keynote talks and speeches at their online and live conferences. You could be working in this industry; we are hosting an event just for you!

Magic For Speakers and Presenters

Who is This Event For?

  • Magicians who want to learn the art of public speaking.
  • Keynote speakers who want to add magic to their presentations.

Powerful speakers and presenters can move people’s hearts and minds, and make positive change in this world. Now you can learn magicians’ secrets for effective communication—and even add a touch of magic to your presentations.

Adding Magic to Your Message
The ability to surprise with magic, and to link that surprise to your message as a speaker, can provide that special touch to give your talks the edge you need in today’s competitive marketplace. Our program is designed for both magicians who wish to add professional level speaking abilities to their repertoire, and for speakers who want to add something amazing to their presentations. 

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn fool-proof methods to connect with your audiences using magic.
  • Discover the power of metaphor and magic to engrave your message on your audiences’ minds.
  • Find the perfect story and trick to demonstrate any message.
  • Learn new techniques for building stronger visual support for your magic & stories.
  • Develop and practice your vocal abilities and build vocal strength.
  • Learn the secret mental mechanisms you can trigger in your audiences to remember and act on your presentations.

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MagicQuest News:
Only 8 performances May 7-16. Tickets are now on sale for the VIP party and show. Here’s a taste!

We have limited shows, so please get your tickets today.

Yours in magic.


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