Mad As Hell

Mad As Hell

Mad as Hell!

Each time we face a new challenge, we have an opportunity to break old patterns. We can react to challenges in old ways (as seen above), or move beyond our old habits and limitations, and resolve conflict in new and more enlightened ways. One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever gotten from Max Maven is; “If you get mad…you lose.”

So before the next time you get “mad as hell,” read this short, but potent, Samurai parable.

“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor”
— English proverb

Facing Challenges and having Nothing to Lose!

When I think of all the times I encounter “trouble” along the road, I remind myself to reframe each experience as a “challenge”, and that facing each of these challenges makes me wiser! Yes, that is right my friends… over the years I’ve stopped using the words “troubles” and “problems”, and I’ve replaced  both these words in my vocabulary with “challenges.”

Hint: try this as an exercise! Just stop using the words and they seem to go away! Now all I have are “challenges”…. and I love a good challenge!

Why not take a risk and face your next challenge in a new way? There is NOTHING to lose!

If you win, you will be happy;
if you lose, you will be wise.
— Zen wisdom

Hecklers, Critics and Bullies

Even the top pros face extreme challenges. Many of us encounter bullies, hecklers and haters. What to the pros do? Take a look at this film and find out. Maybe you’ll find it to be as interesting as I did.

This documentary is titled Heckler, and I would consider it essential viewing for anyone who stands on a stage. (Thank you, Ferdinando Buscema for finding this!)

Q: Where in the World?
A: Russia and China!

I am on tour all over the planet this season!  Russia is the next stop on my world tour.

Then our full illusion show Abracadazzle! will open in a huge theater in Shanghai.

Jeff McBride in China

I travel a lot! And it takes a great team to keep me on track. Thank you Tobias, Jordan and Abbi for helping with all “the challenges” of this immense tour!

Sometimes I feel like I just want to “just stay home,” but then I reread this poem. Whitman’s words gave me hope, strength and courage to keep going.

“Henceforth I ask not good fortune — I myself am good fortune.
Henceforth I whimper no more, postpone no more, need nothing. S
trong and content, I travel the open road.”
— “Song of the Open Road,” Walt Whitman

Every so often tears come to my eyes when I hear a poem read out loud…This poem is a gift for every one of us who travels. Listen to the full poem read out loud….it is so beautiful! Here is a link to a wonderful reading of this great poem, with inspired images.

You never know who will pop up at WONDERGROUND!

When I get off the road and come home, I love sharing good times with my magic friends. I throw a party each month so we can gather and share fun, music, magic and community. Look who showed up last month! Wow — what a show, and what a night to remember!

Wonderground - September, 2013


On September 19th you are invited to this month’s version of our community magic celebration!
Directions and all info at:

8 pm Early Stage: Master of Ceremonies, Tim Wise, with Daniel Giandoni, Bijan the Magician, Alien Warrior Comic

9pm Parlor Magic: Master of Ceremonies, Christian Diamond, with Daniel Giandoni, Nate Jester, David Gabbay, Adam Flowers

10pm Late Stage: Master of Ceremonies, Tim Wise, with Anthony Rais, Shocker, Marc Love, TanBA,

DJ Leo Diaz, Christian Diamond, The New World Rythmatism Dancers, Tim Wise, Body Painting by Suzanne, Video Wizard Scott Steelfyre, Live art by Areeya, Photography by Sheryl Garrett, Psychic sideshow with “Scott Brown and The Readers”, Plus Great Food and Hookah at THE OLIVE!.. and much, much more!

Mystery School Mondays – New Programming!
The Locked Room

The Magic & Mystery School Locked Room is our place to host custom online learning experiences in real time.

Beginning in September, 2013, our format is changing somewhat.  On the first Monday of each month, we will broadcast our usual hour long “Mystery School Monday” show, free to all at  Every other Monday of the month we will have a different host opening the show with a 15 minute discussion, promptly at 7:00pm, which is free and open to all, discussing the subjects to be covered that week.  Immediately following that 15 minute free session, we will be hosting weekly Locked Room sessions for Magic & Mystery School Members only. Because these sessions are closed, except to our Members, we will be free to go a bit deeper, discussing techniques and tricks in a way we would not be comfortable doing in sessions open to the public at large.

Become a Member to get access to this exclusive content, starting in September.

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