Life, Death & Other Card Tricks

“You should never hesitate to trade your cow for a handful of magic beans.”
— Tom Robbins

Greetings friends,

I do not consider my life normal…thank heavens for that!

As you may know I’m on tour and traveling half the year, and, as you may not know, CHAOS is a major part of that aspect of my life. I can’t avoid it… so I’ve learned to dance in the chaos, until it becomes my new normal!


The art of magic is often a dance of opposites; appearing and vanishing, something from nothing, life and death. Death and danger seem to be recurring themes in magic shows…in fact many shows feature dark themes and dangerous stunts.

Our good friend Eugene Burger has inspired many to explore darker themes…witness now performance artist Christian Cagigal, as he performs Eugene Burgers famous piece “THE INQUISITION.” (Christian will be headlining  WONDERGROUND in September!)

Cagigal Video

“The TED Talks of Magic…”

That is how people describe our Magic & Meaning Conference.  Bob Neale will be joining Eugene Burger and our very special featured guest, Max Maven, at this year’s Magic & Meaning, coming up in October, here in Las Vegas.

Bob Neale has written an inspired Book entitled Life, Death & Other Card Tricks… it is filled with magic routines that dance the razor’s edge. He has the ability to really make us think about our lives…using the medium of card magic.

Speaking of Life, Death & Other Card Tricks…

Our friend, Ferdinando Buscema reminds us of the “game of life.”  Life is a game that ends with death. Ferdinando has a very artistic outlook on life and death. I think you would like to read his fascinating essay. It’s on the contemplation of death through the use of playing cards!

Steve Jobs

Life and Death Quote 

“Music is the strongest form of magic.”

– Marilyn Manson

Lou Reed Sings about “Magic & Loss”

The late Lou Reed’s lyrics are echoing in my head these days. I’ve been thinking and feeling deeply about life, death and magic. Listen to Lou sing this haunting song…it is one of my favorites.

Lou Reed Clip

Magic & Loss

When you pass through the fire, you pass through humble

You pass through a maze of self-doubt

When you pass through humble, the lights can blind you

Some people never figure that out

You pass through arrogance, you pass through hurt

You pass through an ever present past

And it’s best not to wait for luck to save you

Pass through the fire to the light

Pass through the fire to the light

Pass through the fire to the light

-Lou Reed

The Symbolism of Magic is Rich, Indeed.

Even the effect BEKOS symbolizes  That magic often has a “cost”…a loss that makes room for the magic.

BEKOS clip

Asia Gives Birth…to Magic Wonder Lands!

The great mystics and sages say “All new life emerges from death, and the cycle continues.”  It’s astonishing to see the new life magic is having in the media and in major entertainment venues around the world.  Our friend, Franz Harary, is making global headlines with his new House of Magic in Macau.

World’s First Multi-Venue, Interactive Magic Experience

‘The House of Magic’ 

MACAU, June 10, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)  ”The House of Magic’ at Studio City is the first and only permanent magic extravaganza in Macau.

Designed, curated and hosted by world-acclaimed illusionist Franz Harary, ‘The House of Magic’ is the world’s first multi-theater, immersive visitor magic experience, designed for magicians by a master magician, and featuring live magicians, and set in a mystical three-theater showcase complex of amazing, mind-bending magic. It represents just one of the stunning world-class entertainment centerpieces at the US$3.2 billion Studio City…

Read the full story here:

WG June

WONDERGROUND NEWS… one night only!

Thursday June 18th at 8 pm–You are invited to the “Biggest Magic Party in Vegas”!!

8PM:  Tim Wise, Emcee

Jeff McBride – New Magical Creations

Dixie Dooley – King of Escapes

The Shocker – The Ambassador of Kick- your Ass-ador!

Bizzaro – Innovative illusion that always surprises!

9PM:  Christian Diamond, Emcee

Murray Hatfield - Canada’s top illusionist!

Jordi Magomero – Sensational Close-up Artistry

Jeff McBride

10PM: Murray Hatfield

Jeff McBride – The Masks of Mystery

Chris Randall – The Las Vegas Kid


Plus: The New World Rhythmatism Dancers, Bar Magic with Zack Pattee and Scott Steelfyre, Iam Creed, and Randilyn

Psychic Sideshow with Alan Scott, live art with Areeya and many more surprises and special celebrity guests!!

Abbi and I hope to see you in Las Vegas very soon…hey, life is short! What are you waiting for?


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