Jeff’s Dilemma

“Wisdom begins in wonder.”
—- Socrates

Greetings All…

Jeff and Abbi here, in Las Vegas. We are wondering what to do about the dilemma that faces us every year at this time! We need to make a wise choice!Which Mask to Wear?

Jeff’s big dilemma!

Which mask to wear on Halloween? With the hundreds of masks in Jeff’s collection, when Halloween and the Las Vegas Witches and Wizard’s Ball rolls around, it’s often challenging to pick “the one mask” for the big night. When you visit The McBride House of Mystery , we can give you a tour of the many exotic masks Jeff has collected from his travels around the world. In a recent interview Jeff said, “I remember my very first mask. It was a paper mache devil mask, from Mexico. I got it when I was six years old, and it’s still hanging on the wall of the House of Mystery. I was thinking about the symbolism behind my little devil mask. I guess I kind of was a little devil when I was six, and maybe I still am now!” If you look at many of the old- time magic posters from the Golden Age of Magic, you will almost always see imps, demons and little devil motifs woven into the artwork. Apparently, magicians thought these images evoked a deeper sense of magic and perhaps, made people think that a source of their power was tied to the unseen realms of mystery and dark forces.

While we are speaking of masters of the “dark arts”….

The wisest wizard of them all!

Next week, our teacher and our friend, Eugene Burger, Dean of the Magic and Mystery School, will arrive to spend three weeks with us, and the festivities will begin! Of course, you all are invited!! Eugene has spent the past little while performing his new show “SPIRITS: a lecture and demonstration of mystery and magic”. He will be presenting a small segment of his “SPIRITS” theater show at our upcoming Las Vegas Witches and Wizard’s Masquerade Ball. We will also be offering some new magic and a few surprises, too.

Go take a look at what we’ve got planned for the weekend before Halloween, including our all night desert fire circle ritual, BONEDANCE, by visiting us as our Vegas Vortex site.

Jeff at Vegoose!

One of the biggest concerts of the year in Las Vegas is called Vegoose. Jeff & Johnny D. at Burning Man This year, on the 29th of October, at 11:30pm, Jeff, Abbi and the Vegas Vortex Drummers and Dancers will be appearing at the Orleans Arena. (Yes, the *really* big arena) We will be presenting a magical ritual theater experience as the mid-point of the String Cheese Incident’s set. Jeff and Abbi have been working or magic and big rock and roll concert venues for SCI for many years now, under the direction of Johnny Dwork from Peak Experience Productions. Johnny and our friend Dr. Dan also co-created our Sacred Fire Circle installation at this year’s Burning Man Art festival.

For more information about this concert, go to

The String Cheese Incident is becoming one of the most famous jam bands on the planet, and are legendary for creating a multi-sensory, audience-immersive experience.

Hot news!

In case you haven’t already heard, we will be doing a run of thirty shows at The Edgewater Hotel and Casino, for the month of November. This is a new show for us, we will have special guest magicians Jordan Wright and Jayson Morrison assisting. If you get to the show early, you’ll see some of our new close-up and mentalism that Abbi and I have been working on. We will do this as a special “pre- show’ addition to our full show!

Also Students attending our upcoming MASTER CLASS FOR MENTALISTS, will get comp tickets to all of our shows! We have mentalists from all over the world coming in for this special seminar…I can read your mind…you’d like to be here in Vegas with us, yes?


Thank you for all the comments on my new DVD! Tobias just cut a short trailer that you can see on our NEW Products Page We’ve just re-ordered and restocked and you can now get them on our website and Bryce Kuhlman our webmaster will make sure to get you one almost as fast as you can say ZOOM!. There was a great article this month in MUM, John Moehring did a series of articles featuring our “Magic for Medical Professionals.” Tobias will have a copy available on our site for you to look at soon.

Upcoming Classes & Private Sessions

October has been full of students coming in from around the world and it is a great pleasure to be able to assist our magic friends. Abbi has been getting many calls to arrange private sessions. If you’re going to be in Las Vegas and would like to have Jeff work one-on-one with you, please call 702-450-0021 to set up your private session. We will be starting again with our full class schedule in mid-January, kicking off our full calendar of events for 2007. We’ll see you when you visit Las Vegas; make sure to weave us into your schedule for your class, seminar or private magic session….. It is a joy and a blessing to be in this profession of magic. Here, we are able to open the eyes of wonder in all those we encounter, whether we’re on tour or at home in Las Vegas at our House of Mystery. Jeff & Abbi McBride

Your friends in mystery,
Jeff & Abbi

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