Imagine My Shock!


Imagine my shock when I opened up the pages and saw my face staring back at me! Our Mystery School got incredible coverage in this month’s National Geographic. Mystery School featured in National Geographic! The article talks about how to create illusions, the World Championships of Magic, and features many of our friends and faculty here at Mystery School.

You can read the full article here:
Published April 7, 2023, photographs by Dina Litovsky, story by Nina Strochlic and Michael Greshko. Thanks to William Bradshaw, Scott Steelfyre, Tobias Beckwith, and the dean of McBride’s Magic & Mystery School Dr. Larry Hass, for the incredible work you have done for the school this year! 
Join Us For a Magical Adventure – McBride’s Mystery School Festival of Magic
Dr. Ricardo Rosenkranz has created a new home for the Mystery School in Chicago. The Rhapsody Theater is an incredible facility that hosts magic, music, and exciting theatrical productions. On June 2, 3, and 4, there will be a full-blown magic festival filled with extraordinary events, one of my favorites being what we call the “magic pub crawl,” followed by a late night party!

You are invited to join us in Chicago for an immersive experience with four world-leading performers and teachers of magic and mentalism. During three full days, you will enjoy four major shows, you’ll participate in workshops, lectures, private parties, and a field trip to Chicago magic sites. Above all, you will spend quality time in small groups learning from the world’s finest magic teachers.
Learn more and join us for the fun! Tickets are on sale here:

What is Your Magical Fantasy?
Many magicians dream of producing endless streams of money from their fingertips. Now that dream is a reality! For many years, I’ve kept this secret very close to my heart, and now I have released it to the magic community – 40 years in the making!

Imagine having the power to apparently read other people’s thoughts! Imagine having a full mind reading show that you can carry in your wallet! Join me for an adventure in mind reading magic and very personal hands-on training, limited to 6 students only

Who is this class for?

  • Anyone passionate about deepening their understanding of performance mind reading.
  • Those who are seeking to upgrade their skills, techniques, and presentations.
  • Magic enthusiasts performing for friends and family over the internet.
  • Individuals looking to be prepared for the challenges of the new world we live in.

What will you learn?

  • Various mind reading techniques, including metal bending, direct mind reading, predictions, and Q&A.
  • How to give powerful presentations over the internet.
  • A full mind reading show based on your new skills and style.
  • Six hours of private, exclusive, high-quality video training from the Mystery School.
  • Follow-up videos and teaching materials not available elsewhere.
  • Personal interaction with each teacher to receive specific answers to your questions.
  • No previous experience necessary! 
  • Six students only!

Register now, because space is limited –

Good Omens Ahead

As Abigail and I look out our back window, the flowers are blooming and the mockingbirds are singing the good news – Spring is here! Nature is reminding us of the great potential that lies ahead for us all.

See you in Las Vegas or online,
Jeff and Abigail

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