Help Me – I’m Drowning!

“No great artist, dancer or opera singer has ever learned their craft from YouTube! The great masters of magic are certainly not teaching there.
MagicFlix is collecting material from people who have been in the business for years, and are not just those seeking hits and clicks on their YouTube sites. MagicFlix is not going to be the indiscriminate hatcheting of people’s material that is thrown up on YouTube.
I think that is over…. MAGICFLIX is the antidote to YouTube.”

                                       -Jeff McBride in VANISH MAGAZINE

Greetings my friends,

Like many of you, I often feel like I’m drowning in information. Today, more than ever, we need experienced guides and mentors to help us navigate the overwhelming inflow of information. I am so blessed to have some of the most inspirational friends and teachers!

I stay away from negative people and many of them seem to be on YouTube. I find watching magic on YouTube soul crushing. I want a quiet place to learn and study great magic, old and new. We have created that place now. It is real. It is MagicFlix.

NOW you can get an idea of the scope of this project… it is amazing!

New School Magic Meets The Old School Masters!

Our teachers already include Eugene Burger, John Carney, Rich Ferguson, Franz Harary, Kenton Knepper, Amazing Johnathan, Justin Miller, Jeff McBride, Rocco, Dan Sperry, Michael Trixx, Stephane Vanel, Jason Ladayne, Fielding West, Larry Becker, and Paul Gordon…. We have over 500 videos online now, and the numbers are growing every day!

MAGICFLIX also features THE GREATER MAGIC LIBRARY in its entirety!

It’s all included with your subscription to MAGICFLIX, and features such masters as Karrell Fox, Shimada, Michael Ammar, John Carney, Sylvan, Johnny Paul, Larry Becker, Charlie Miller, Tom Mullica, Johnny Thompson, J.B. Bobo, Billy McComb, Mr. Electric and Daryl. This collection is already an impressive one, and it is getting bigger and better every day.

CLICK HERE to watch the video

YES to having all your favorite magic videos in one place, accessible from any device, anywhere in the world!

Content on MagicFlix is presented in carefully structured levels, including “Beginner’s Magic,” “Favorites,” “Most Popular,” “New Releases,” “Coin Magic,” “Grand Illusion,” “Impromptu Magic,” “History,” “Gambling Magic,” “Ice Breakers,” “Performance,” “Philosophy,” “Interviews With The Stars,” “Street Magic,” “Manipulation,” “Lectures” etc. In other words, if you browse the “Card Magic” category, you can learn everything from how to do a pinkie count to how to back palm cards.

There is a great deal of magic on the Internet, but few safe and sane places to learn magic from the great masters of our art. That’s why MagicFlix was created.


Go to MAGICFLIX.COM, register, and put in the code “MCBRIDE” to get a free month on me!

Go take a look and tell me what you think! I would appreciate your feedback.

Abigail McBride On NBC TV!

“Abigail McBride, with Cuba’s leading lady of magic, Circe seen sharing their magic at the recent “SISTERS OF MYSTERY,” an annual gathering at Mystery School for women who love and perform the art of magic.”


For many years men have dominated the art of magic. Now, that is changing! I am so proud of my wife Abigail for being featured in the recent TV story covering “Women In Magic.”  We are all impressed with this feature segment. It seems the world is opening to the idea of women in magic…about time!

Do You Need Some Help?

When I’m not touring, I am offering SKYPE sessions, so if you need some help with your act or career, just drop us an email, and we’ll be happy to help you get started. or

Vegas Buzz

Tim Wise is happy to announce that his Hollywood Stars of Magic has a new home at The Las Vegas Magic Theater.

The show runs at 2 and 4 pm every Saturday. Recent headliners included, Paul Vigil, Allan Ackerman, Joan DuKore and FISM winner Johnny Ace Palmer.

Rocco, Hans Klok and Criss Angel were recently seen sharing magic ideas and talking about Shin Lim’s new show, at the recent WONDERGROUND. Hans has a new show at the EXCALIBUR hotel. Shin Lim has a new show with Colin Cloud at the MIRAGE.

We all wish Hans and Shin Lim the best of luck with their new shows! Vegas continues to rock as the Magic Capital of the World!

Rocco, Hans Klok and Shin Lim celebrating old friendships and new shows in Las Vegas.

Masters of Illusion star Tommy Wind has just signed a one-year contract at the OYO Hotel and Casino (formerly Hooters).Tommy is creating a new show to fit the showroom that will feature many of his best-loved pieces, as well as new creations.

Join Jeff McBride for his birthday party at WONDERGROUND!

The Biggest Magic Party In Las Vegas–And You Are Invited!

September 2019

8pm  – Comedy and Variety show: Tim Wise is your Host
     David Frost – High Tech Deceptions And Multimedia Magic!
     ET Molgen – Feats Of Delight! (You can’t even imagine!)
     Jeff McBride – “The Art Of Imagination” (1st time on stage!)
     Boob-Zilla – This Might Be “Sword-A-Hard To Swallow!”

9pm  – Will Bradshaw is your Host
     Jimmy Ichihana – From Penn & Teller FOOL US!
     (Jimmy appeared on 2 episodes of FOOL US and he will  
             present his full close up show.)
     Jeff McBride – From Alter Boy to Altered Boy!
     Always something new!

9pm  – At the WONDERBAR
     Brian Apollo
     Kent Axell
     Tim Wise

10pm  –  Stage Extravaganza!  Jeff McBride is your Master of Ceremonies
     ET Molgen –  Leg-Erdamain! Outstanding Juggling With A

     David Frost – Multimedia-Mage, Beyond Imagination!
     Boob-Zilla – She’s A Killa & A Thrilla!
     Xavier Mortimer – The #1 Magician In France Comes To

All the Above Plus:

Photography by Sheryl Garrett. Bar Magic–Brian Apollo, Scott Steelfyre & Maggie, Corey Rubino, Belly Dancers, Psychic Sideshow with Eliza and Morganne–and many more surprises and special celebrity guests.

See you at my birthday bash at WONDERGROUND! for directions and info. OR…

Come visit every Monday night in the Mystery School Monday classroom!

Be inspired,


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