Heads Exploded! Minds Blown!

You haven’t seen it yet, but in the next week or two, it will happen on TV.

Jeff McBride performed his famous “Rainmaker” piece on “Fool Us” for Penn & Teller.

Millions of viewers around the world witnessed Jeff McBride on Penn & Teller’s “Fool Us“. Were they fooled? You’ll have to watch to find out. Now, magic lovers around the world are wondering where and how they can study with Jeff to learn his wonderful magic.

The McBride Masterpiece Series

Masterpiece Series

More info here:


A personal note from Jeff:

Many people from around the world just can’t get to Las Vegas, so I created a new program to help those who really need expert magic training. I call it:

“Jeff McBride’s Inner Circle Mentoring”

This is a one-on-one class. I am only accepting a few students, like you, who are reading this now.

It will be just you and me, working on your ideas, visions, routines, business needs, career and dreams.

We will focus on setting your goals, and on to ways reach them.

Here is the basic info, and below is a list of the areas we can work on.


Due to a very full schedule, I am only accepting a small number of students into my Inner Circle at this time

New Skype Mentoring Sessions: Take a look at  Victor’s testimonial!

If you are just joining my Inner Circle now, and are ready to really take your magic to the next level, contact Abigail to schedule your sessions.

We will be starting up again in September.

Important: Please contact Abigail (Abigail@mcbridemagic.com) to get scheduled for your sessions, or with any questions.

We are thrilled to be part of your success, and one of our greatest joys is to help you grow in the art of magic.

We hope to hear from you soon.

The 3 C's of Life

3 steps to YOUR new life

Do you really want to live your magic dream life? I can make this easy for you!


Watch this TED talk on the “5 second rule” by Mel Robbins. This is the short version.. you might want to watch extended versions.

TED Talk - Mel Robbins


Go here and choose the VERY BEST class for you… yes, you can do this!



Last step: Go here and fill out the scholarship application form and send it in!


The next step is up to you… I’ve opened a path to the heart of my magic and invite you to join us!

Jeff, Abigail and all your friends at McBride’s Magic & Mystery School 

Las Vegas Magician of the Month:


From the moment he takes the stage, it is obvious to see why Mondre has been called one of the smoothest practitioners of the Art of Magic.

Mondre is the first and only African-American Magician to win the prestigious Grand Prix Magiques de Monte Carlo, an invitation-only magic competition sponsored by Prince Albert and the Royal Family of Monaco.  In addition to this historic winning, he is also the winner of The Siegfried And Roy Bronze Lion’s Head Award.


His performance is sure to excite, delight and mystify the senses. Mondre….A Truly Magical Artist For The Ages! See Mondre live in action at the August WONDERGROUND.

Wonderground - Faverty Photo


This is our greatest night of the year

The day after Magic Live.

The “Glitterati” and “Celebutants” of Las Vegas will all be here…

…so we have planned ahead, made MORE space for guests, expanded our room, and have our BEST line up of the year!



7:30 PM   Strolling magic with the entire cast:  

Payne, Henry, Klause, RJ & Tim

Jaysin and Nikki Nightengale will be greeting and giving out wristbands. Thank you for your support!

8:00 PM   The Comedy Magic & Variety Shpw 

Abigail McBride is your MC

Jarol Martin – Illumination

Master Payne – Master of Mirth and Mystery

Henry Vargas – Direct from Brazil

Scott Land – The Puppet Man

Mondre – Extraordinary magic with the Ultimate Cool!

9:00 PM    Vegas Magic – Close Up & Strolling

Alberto Lorenzo

Henry Vargas

Taylor Lloyd


Master Payne

Tim Wise

10:00 PM   The Stage Extravaganza

Tim Wise is your MC

Klause – Tango Trickery

Master Payne -  Marvels & Mayhem

Tim Wise – A Man on Fire

Henry Vargas – Award Winning Enchantments

Scott Land – The Puppet Master

RJ Cantu – The Laser Man of Illusion

PLUS:  Photography by Sheryl Garrett, Bar Magic with Zack Pattee, Scott Steelfyre, Corey Rubino, Taylor Lloyd, New World Rhythmatism Belly Dancers, Guest Belly Dance Stars, Psychic Sideshow with Alan Scott, live art with Areeya – and many more surprises and special celebrity guests

The Bottom Line:

Setting Goals

take the next step: www.magicalwisdom.com

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