Gifts of the Magi

It is only possible to give someone a magical experience if you have first had a magical experience, for it is impossible to give a gift you do not possess.

— Jeff McBride

Greetings Friends,

One of our gifts is being able to explore the world and bring the magic home, and then share it with our family and friends like you.

We also feel that it is a gift that we can create a magical home for magic here in Las Vegas that magic-lovers can visit to get re-charged and to be inspired. In this way, the current of magic that flows into our lives can flow out again into the world.

We are just home from our tour of Japan, Taiwan, and Malaysia. The past few days, Jeff has been performing with his magic hero, John Calvert. Mr. Calvert is a living legend of magic. At 96 years old, he is still touring the country, doing his show and lecture. When Jeff asked him his secret to success, health and longevity, he said:

“I agree with the great playwright William Shakespeare, when he said that all the world’s a stage…. and every morning, Jeff, when I get up, I decide that I will play the part of a young man.” Jeff with John Calvert

Thank you, Mr. Calvert, you are an inspiration to all of us! Here is a photo of Jeff getting schooled by John. Ask Jeff to tell one of his favorite “Calvert stories” the next time you see him!


We will be sharing our magical gifts with our friends in Hawaii soon: We’ll be doing a show, lecture and Master Class in Oahu on Dec. 17 and 18th. Our friend, Mike Ching, is one of the leading magicians in Hawaii, and is hosting our event. For all the details click here.

We will also be on retreat at FireTribe Hawaii… See you at the fire?

We will be home just in time for Christmas! So, we’ll be thinking about all of you as we travel the world, and return to you, dear friends, to share the gifts of our magic.

Yours in mystery…

Jeff & Abbi


How can you give the gift of Magic this year?

We’ve had some great ideas about that!

Now you can give the gift of magic to someone you love: Magic School Gift Certificates are available now, for the first time, for your holiday convenience! You can send your favorite magic enthusiast the gift of an extraordinary magical experience! You can give any amount – from a portion of their deposit for a class all the way up to full tuition. And the best part – they can choose the class they want to attend. Just click on this link for more information and instruction.

Pay by check or by Paypal, and receive a printable certificate by mail or e-mail within two days.

Speaking of gifts and Gift Certificates – we’ve also created a Gift Certificate Program for the shop at If you know you want to give something to your favorite magician, but aren’t sure just what the most appropriate book, trick or video might be, this could be your perfect option! You’ll find the gift certificate featured on the front page at

We have lots of other new items, as well. My new book Beyond Deception, is
designed you help you take those favorite magical effects and turn them into your own completely original and powerful performance pieces, and it has just arrived from the printer. All copies bought through the web site are signed copies, from the first printing of just 1,500 — over a third of which are already spoken for.


If you are looking for something fresh and new, you want to see JEFF MCBRIDE’S REVOLUTION! The Secrets of the Double Dancing Cane! In this DVD, Jeff teaches you the secret workings of one of his favorite routines. Not only that, but we have special package deals when you buy REVOLUTION with one or two of Jeff’s VORTEX rainbow light canes.

JEFF MCBRIDE: A MAGICKAL LIFE: An extraordinary one-hour documentary of Jeff McBride’s quest for real magic… from the stage shows of Las Vegas to the fire rituals of Burning Man, get an inside look into the life and times of one of the world’s leading magical artists, produced by our friends at Reel Time Images.

What’s more: We’ve finally received our shipment of the next batch of the DOUBLE JUMBO CARD FAN FINALE. This favorite item has been out of stock for almost six months, but we just received an order of 50 or so. Ten are gone already, but we expect the supply to hold up at least for the holiday season.

FINALLY: Eugene Burger has just released his “Growing in the Art of Magic” recordings as a series of instant downloads, available exclusively through You can also buy the book transcription of this amazing series of Eugene’s talks.

If you find yourself looking for that special “last minute” gift, with no time to wait for shipping, either this special “Growing in the Art of Magic” download, one of our instant download videos, or the new Yourmagic Gift Certificate make the perfect last minute holiday gift for your favorite magician.

See you at the shop!

With all best wishes for a most magical holiday.

Tobias Beckwith

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