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Many years ago a very wise man named Bernard Baruch took me aside and put his arm around my shoulder. “Harpo, my boy,” he said, “I’m going to give you three pieces of advice, three things you should always remember.” My heart jumped and I glowed with expectation. I was going to hear the magic password to a rich, full life from the master himself. “Yes, sir” I said. And he told me the three things. I regret that I’ve forgotten what they were.
–Arthur ‘Harpo’ Marx

It’s our time to remember. The above quote made us reflect onJeff & Abbi McBride what we consider to be the three important keys to a rich, full life.

1. Gratitude — Jeff says that Abbi is a continual reminder of how important an “attitude of gratitude” is in daily life. Whenever Jeff gets into a stuck or tense place, Abbi reminds him to ask himself what he is grateful for. This is a magical formula that can dissolve even the most corrosive elements that block our daily lives.

2. Inspiration — To be inspired means to be “filled with spirit.” Seeking the highest quality experiences in life, learning from the wisest people, and experiencing the many gifts this world offers us, we can be inspired to create artistic expressions of our interactions with the cosmos. We are closest to the Creator when we are creating.

3. Mystery — and it will remain a mystery until we share it with you when we see you next…. We love mystery, and that is our passion, and our profession, here at the McBride Magic and Mystery School. If you’ve never been to one of our events, perhaps it’s time for you to consider pushing beyond your comfort zone and journeying into the heart of our mystery.

Q. Where has Jeff left his heart?

A. In San Francisco!Magic at the Edge

And yes, Jeff will be sharing the heart, soul and spirit of his magic in a unique two day event… It’s the Jeff McBride Magic & Mystery Experience, live, in San Francisco! On November 29th and 30th, Jeff will be performing his show, lecture and Master Class seminar for a few select magicians and their friends… Yes, you can attend, too, by contacting


Jeff has two new DVDs ready for you! JEFF MCBRIDE, A MAGICKAL LIFE, is an extraordinary documentary of Jeff’s life, work and his quest to discover real magic. Here is a short clip that our friends Jordan Wright & Paul Draper put together:

Also, JEFF MCBRIDE’S REVOLUTION, the Evolution of the Double Dancing Cane is now available. You can learn the insider tips on the dancing cane, and all about the new dancing light canes! This has been one of Jeff’s pet secrets for many years.

You can get these and others of our latest items at:


Jeff will be making a guest appearance at the Orleans Hotel, as part of the John Calvert gala on December 3rd. This event will be hosted by our friend Roger Dreyer from Fantasma Magic. Jeff will be appearing with Johnny Thompson, Jeff Hobson, and the legendary Carl Ballantine. For more info on how you can attend this historic event, contact Joey King,

See you in December!

Jeff & Abbi McBride

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