Euro Tour 2011

Jeff McBride Master of the Elements
Photo Copyright 2011 by L.Donin

“People travel to faraway places to watch, in fascination, the kind of people they ignore at home.” – Dagobert D. Runes

Greetings friends,

Amazing European tour!
I am very excited to be embarking on a European tour.  As you receive this, I am just arriving home from Norway, and the next few weeks will find me in the Netherlands, France, Denmark, Sweden and Hungary.
George Parker will be presenting and appearing with me in Amsterdam.
Be sure and click the other links on the calendar for more on my other Euorpean stops.
Celebrating 20 years of MysterySchool!
This year our Magic and Meaning Conference is sold out. In fact all the classes left this year are sold out, so check our school schedule for availability in 2012 and make your reservations early for upcoming events.
You can see some of the video Highlights of last year’s conference:
I love it when some of my favorite magicians come and play with us! Oct 20th will feature Eugene Burger, Larry Hass, Master Payne, Mysto the Magi, and many more! This will be the BIGGEST event of the season for sure. Arrive at 7:30pm for seating. Get all of the details at
Vegas Wonderground with Jeff McBride
More Great Fun Stuff
Film maker Jordan Wright did a great job on these two new pieces:
and Bravo, live from The Wonderground (from Squeak Technique) on this new clip!
Magicians Jeff McBride and Fielding West
MysterySchool Monday
McBride’s Mystery School Monday broadcast continues to be a global sensation. Every Monday night join Jeff McBride, Eugene Burger, Tobias Beckwith and the Mystery school facilitators as they host a FREE interactive online magic class! Not only that, but you can watch over 35 hours of FREE magic lessons from the top teachers in the world, archived on www.MCBRIDEMAGIC.TV, available at any time.
See you on the road, or on


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