Did You Forget?

How Could You Forget?

The glittering tree in the corner of the room…
            the mystery of all the wrapped presents…
                        the smell of eggnog and nutmeg…
                                    watching A Christmas Carol again and again…
                                                my first Christmas magic show and debut of (drum roll please)…


Seven year old MCBRIDE THE MAGNIFICENT performing his magic act 1967! This is me performing the “wand through handkerchief.” (I ruined many of my father’s hanks practicing this trick!) 

I have such sweet memories of Christmas. Turkey dinner with Mom and Dad, my brother and sisters, the grandparents and friends, and yes, creating magic shows in my living room for my family. My Grandmother Marie took an old suit of my dads, and tailored it into something that looked like a magician’s tailcoat, with an old fur top hat, and I was in my “happy place” on stage in Las Vegas (in my mind!).
Surprise Surprise!
One Christmas morning I found my first business cards in my stocking. This is one of the few that survived all these 57 years later!

For most of my life I was “on the road” doing magic shows during the holidays. However, this year I’ll be home for the holidays with my Vegas family of Abigail, her dad, and our friends – hooray! I’ll be putting on a magic show (this time in our living room) just like I’ve done every year since 1967!

Living Room Magic is Parlor Magic
Did you know? The word parlour comes from the French verb parler, which means “to speak.” In the 13th century, “parlour” was borrowed into English as “parlor.” This is the place to share stories and magic.
Will You Step into My Parlor?
Parlor Magic is one of the most popular forms of magic, and can be performed in just about anyone’s living room, but often is large enough to perform on a platform, or even on a stage. I’m going to be teaching a very special class on parlor magic – Mastering the Classics for Parlor, Platform and Stage.

I’m inviting six people over to my parlor, and you are invited! If you’d like to be one of them, click here – https://shop.magicalwisdom.com/event/master-the-classics
Magic with Tarot Cards
I will also be inviting six students who would like to learn how to perform magic routines and tell stories with Tarot cards. If this interests you I welcome you to take a look at this –

Strange Coincidence
Did you know that Rudy Coby and Jeff were born in the same one-room hospital in Goshen, NewYork?  Also, both Rudy and Jeff were in the same magic club as teenagers.

Just last week I had the opportunity to travel with my dear friend Rudy Coby to perform for our friends Randy and Kristy Pitchford at their home theater. Take a look at how they created an exquisite magical space to share parlor magic with their friends!

See you online or here in our magic parlor in Las Vegas! 
Happy holidays to all,

Jeff and Abigail

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