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Dear Friends:

Ever since I was a little boy I have loved going on magical adventures. My very first adventures were in the woods behind my house. I would build secret little forts made out of branches and leaves. When I look back, I see these as my first attempts at creating spaces for magic to happen. I remember transforming my bedroom into a “room of magic,” where I would invite my parents and their friends into my magic room to perform my little shows….  Now, it seems I’m still evolving my magic, and still keeping my roots.  You can see how my magic installations have grown over the years, and perhaps it’s time for you to join me on a magical adventure.

When was the last time you had a “REAL” magical adventure! Email me and tell me about it!

Our school is hosting lots of life-enriching magical adventures these days. Take a look at this recent corporate event we hosted called–


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If you go into the archives you will be able to share an evening of wisdom with many of the teachers we have had on our team over the years.

McBride World Tour News

When I’m not teaching here in Vegas, I tour all over the planet with my shows and Master Classes. Here is just a bit of what is coming up soon:

Taiwan March 9, 10, 2019
808 Magic Convention

April 24, 25, 26, 2019

PCAM/PIMC 2019 Magic Convention
April 24-26, 2019
SMX Convention Center, Taguig City, Philippines

This will be the first International Magic Convention in the Philippines, produced and organized by Cecile and Mighty International. It is an ambitious three-day magic convention featuring many International Featured Stars, including Jeff McBride, Cecile & Mighty, Dale Salwak, Master Fukai, Albert Tam–and more.

Mystery School Student of the Month:
Jeff Christensen

Jeff Christensen has been an educator, speaker and performance artist for the past 20 years. Jeff performed thousands of shows at schools, libraries, festivals, trade shows, corporate events and musical theater to help promote imaginative thinking.

Jeff and his family have created the charity fund Celebrate the Child. Over the past ten years, they have produced their annual A Magical Evening show and have raised $100,000 for different local and international children’s charities. Some of the highlights include: building a school in Kenya, funding a fresh water project in Ecuador–and last year they raised enough money to restore a health center in rural India.  You can support the amazing magical work that Jeff and his family are doing by going to their charity website at: www.CelebrateTheChild.me

Recently, Jeff and his family had the opportunity to share their magical work for over 20,000 people at Rogers Arena for WE Day Family. https://youtu.be/B4xkhaMIxSM


February 21, 2019
3 Great Shows – A Fantastical Evening of Fun & Magic
One night only – never to be repeated!

 8:00 PM  –  Comedy, Magic & Variety Show
     Jeff McBride & Abigail – Poetic Mysteries
     Scott Steelfyre – Cutting Edge Magic
     Niels Duinker – Master of Anti-gravity
     RJ Cantu – Light, Magic and Power!

 9:00 PM   –  Close-Up, Bar, And Strolling Magic
     Will Bradshaw – Your Host and MC
     Brian Apollo – Mind Melting Close-Up Magic
     Jeff McBride – Houdini-OUT-Done!
     RJ Cantu – Light, Up Close!
     Scott Steelfyre – At the WONDERBAR

10:00 PM   –   Stage Extravaganza
     Jeff McBride – World Premiere of ”A Night at the 
     Direct from Kazakhstan – Dynamic Illusionist Kristos
     Will Bradshaw – Dream Date – a Valentine’s Magical
     ????Special Mystery Guest?????
     Ariann Black – Magic from the Heart
     Niels Duinker – by far the best Juggler on earth!
     RJ Cantu – Laser Magic

All the Above Plus: 
Photography by Sheryl Garrett. Bar Magic by Brian Apollo, Scott Steelfyre & Maggie, Corey Rubino, New World Rythmatism Belly Dancers, Psychic Sideshow with Thayer DeMay & Richard K.– and many more surprises and special celebrity guests.

For updates and info go to  www.vegaswonderground.com

We will roll out the red carpet for you when you come to Las Vegas!
Be inspired,


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