Danger, Fear and Masks

The most dangerous killers in our world today are invisible to the naked eye… and the truth is that masks are really saving lives all over the world! 
Wearing a mask certainly transformed my life… but in a very different way! By creating my Mask & Magic act, I avoided the plague of becoming a run-of-the-mill magician.  

The “magic behind the mask” became my brand and signature effect, and a powerful symbol for me in the world of magic. In today’s pandemic world, the power and symbolism behind wearing a mask takes on new meaning.
Wearing a mask is now an everyday event. 
I have been reflecting on my relationship to the mask. This little video will give you a smile. It is my public service announcement.

Good Guys Wear Masks

MAGIC NEWS – Student Spotlight
The Mystery School was well represented at the recent Abbott’s convention. Daryl Rogers, James Ember, and Elliott Hunter all performed on the big stage.
Congratulations to Elliott Hunter for bringing back the first-place gold medal in stage magic!

We predict many good things ahead for you Elliot! Elliott will be in Las Vegas this week studying with me, one-on-one, here at the Magic and Mystery School.
We re-open our doors in September for live, in-person experiences here in Las Vegas with a special class on card magic for close-up and parlor. 
When you come to Vegas, plan to stop in and take a class, we can arrange a special one-on-one session for you here:

He is a dangerously clever man.
He is a master of the art of deception.
He is a trickster, an iconoclast and one of the most brilliant minds in magic! Now he is our very special guest at our Magic & Mystery School fall semester.

Dan Harlan is one of the great inventors of our time. He also happens to be one of the nicest people, and one of the most giving and sharing of any magicians I’ve ever met. Dan was with us at the very early Mystery Schools and brought a delightful dimension of mischievousness to our Mystery School community.
The tradition continues at The Magic & Meaning Conference and our Weekend of Wisdom.
Dan Harlan will attend both events and present two completely different programs! He will also be here with us live to share magic in small groups… Not only teaching his wonderful magic but helping you with yours.
Dan is just one of many super talented and brilliant performers that you will be working with at our fall events
You want to attend these events!
GO HERE and Register now
These are exceptional community events where we create a safe place for serious play. If you want to become a better magician, then you will want to join us.

Abigail and I are celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary this month! Thank you everyone for the kindnesses you have shown us over the many years.

We send you our blessings and magic from our cozy home in Vegas.

Final Words
If you are having a party, show, or special event this fall, I’m here to let you know that I am now performing again at both LIVE and VIRTUAL events. Just email me Jeff@mcbridemagic.com, or call Abigail at 702-450-0021.

See you onstage or in Las Vegas!

Jeff and Abigail McBride

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