Cherished Gifts

“Books make great gifts because they have whole worlds inside of them. And it’s much cheaper to buy somebody a book than it is to buy them the whole world!” 
― Neil Gaiman
Dear Friends:

Our guest author this week is our friend and advisor, Bryce Kuhlman. Enjoy!


Cherished Gifts

In preparation for our impending move to Chicago, Jenny and I spent the last several months finding new homes for many of the items we’ve collected over the past 20 years together.

As part of the process, it’s become obvious what sorts of things are important to us.

We’re now using this new understanding to guide friends and family who want to give us gifts for the holidays.

We’ve narrowed it down to three main criteria. Maybe they’ll be useful to you as you make your lists… both for others and for yourself!

Cherished Gifts


We have a lot of handcrafted items. For instance, my father is an expert wood craftsman. He makes everything from delicate tree ornaments to large contraptions with more gears than a wristwatch.

In addition, there are things that were chosen specifically for us. While they were purchased, instead of made, the amount of thought that went into the choice makes these items very personal. We have the other members of the Magic School faculty to thank for many such gifts.


Books – Movies – Art – Music

For me, this is often bleeding-edge techno gadgets… things that I can play with on the weekends to create even more interesting things.


To us, these are the best! Not only can they live a lifetime in your memory, but they take up no space and weigh nothing.

This could be something as simple as a shared dinner or a hike. It could be for fun, for relaxing… or for learning a new skill (or honing an existing one).

I’m sure you can read between the lines… the best gifts of all (at least for us) are those that combine all three!

Happy hunting…


From Abigail:

It was so lovely to see so many friends at our Yule Be Amazed holiday party.  Thank you for coming out to share in the joy of the season with us!  Some of you were asking about the mulled cider we were serving, so here is the information for you.

You start with a big pot and fill it up with a gallon of organic apple cider.

(Whole foods has them on sale now for about $7).

You add a fine mesh bag

(like this one, for $5)

with 1/2 cup of organic mulling spices.  I get mine here:

(You can get a pound of it for less than $20, which is enough for four gallons worth).

Turn the heat on medium and bring to a simmer, cover and let simmer at least 20 minutes.  While it’s doing that, stir it occasionally, thinking of things that make you happy, and moments you’re especially grateful for.  Put your best wishes for the holidays and beyond into the cider….

Have a bottle of rum nearby so folks who want to can spike theirs, and enjoy!

May the warmth of our magical fellowship burn brightly through the Winter holidays and beyond into the year to come.

Happy Everything!

From Jeff:


” The Center of the Las Vegas Magic Community” 

Thursday December 17th, 2015 – One Night Only! Never to be Repeated!


You are invited to the biggest magic party in Las Vegas!

All Info at


Comedy Magic & Variety on stage!

Will Bradshaw – Your Master of Ceremonies

William Draven – Sideshow Magic

Steelfyre – The Keeper of Enigmas

Steve Owens - The Magic of Shadow & Light

Tim Wise – Magic Beyond Reality


In the Diamond Parlor Room

Host  MC:  Christian Diamond

Michael Mirth – A Modern Mystic

William Draven – Offbeat Mysteries

Steve Owens – Close up originals

Chris Randall – the Las Vegas Kid!

10 PM  

Stage Extravaganza!

Your host – MC Tim Wise

Steve Owens – Award Winning Magic

Will Bradshaw – Magic in the Air

Chris Randall – Something Unusual!

Allen Abbott – Flights of Fancy

Skilldini – Masterful Manipulation

PLUS: Bar Magic with Zack Pattee and Scott Steelfyre, Iam Creed, and Randilyn

The NWR-Tribal Belly Dance Troupe, Psychic Sideshow with Alan Scott, live art with Areeya and Suzanne and many more surprises and special celebrity guests!!

Holiday Greetings from the High Seas!


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