Catch on Fire

“Catch on fire with enthusiasm and people will come for miles to watch you burn.”
–John Wesley

Yes, it is cold all over the world….  We’re in the dead of winter! Even in Las Vegas, it is freezing!


It is time to catch fire my friends!
This new year holds unlimited potential.
What steps will you take this year to burn brighter than ever before?

If any of your plans include Las Vegas this year, please let us help plan your visit here in the most magical city on earth! This year we are hosting new classes for you, so take a look at what we are offering here:

I was recently inspired to read an essay by writer Stacia Pierce, who writes….


  1. Taking risks opens you up to new challenges and opportunities. Push yourself to learn a new skill, such as public speaking, which comes in handy as a business owner.
  2. Taking risks empowers you to establish new limits in your mind. We all have boundaries or a comfort zone where we’d like to stay and many have misconstrued visions of what we think we deserve or are capable of accomplishing. When you take risks, you can eradicate that thinking, establish new boundaries, improve your outlook on life and your ability to achieve on high levels.
  3. Taking risks can cause you to become more creative. When you put yourself out on a limb, with a no-excuse approach, your natural problem-solving skills kick in, and you’re open to new ideas and are willing to try something new.
  4. Taking risks can result in a positive outcome. Not every life step can be carefully planned out. You’ll never know if you can succeed unless you venture out into new territory. Is there a risk involved in doing something totally new? Sure, but the reward is there too. When you give it your best shot and put all that you can into achieving the goal, you are more likely to make it happen.
  5. Taking risks help you to clearly define what you really want. Calculated risks are taken with careful thought. Yet the fact that you are taking a risk pushes you to make things work. Surely you will first have to determine if the reward is something you really want enough to take the chance. If it is, then move ahead and don’t look back.
  6. Once you have become accustomed to taking risks, you break free from the average way of living and thinking. Instead of fighting to stay safe you gain the momentum and confidence needed to welcome new opportunities in your career or business. Risks build your self-confidence and self-respect, empowering you to feel stronger and more confident in taking on new endeavors. When you are open to new challenges you position yourself to profit a whole lot more than you would just staying the same.

I took a risk a few weeks ago by offering my professional performance pieces to a few select students.  This was a major step in my evolution. Read the details here:

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” H.J. Brown

OK, it is time to “walk my talk.” I did it…I feared it for all my life, but then I took the risk!  Just a few days ago I did something I’d never dared before. I put on my old whiteface character and had him talk on stage. The audience loved it! That was a major breakthrough for me. You see, I wore the whiteface for many years. It was an excuse not to have to talk on stage. It gave me a “reason not to push my comfort zone.” But I did it. It took 30 years..but I did it! You can too, and I encourage you and empower you to make some radical changes this year….I’ll be happy to help you take the leap!

McBride World Tour News
Jeff McBride Starring on Masters of Illusion, Live & on TV
I’m incredibly happy these days. I’ve been performing live with Masters of Illusion on tour at Harrah’s and on the live TV show later this month. The good news is that I’ll be filming more segments for this next season, as well as touring internationally with this amazing show.
See my performance on the CW network January 30th
Maxwell Blade – Rock Star of Magic!
Maxwell burns up the stage! He has his own show in Hot Springs, Arkansas.
He has the longest running magic show in the territory, and he just opened a museum of curiosities!
And you thought James Brown was the hardest working man in show biz?

Maxwell Blade
Just take a look at Maxwell’s website to see his impressive magical creations:
Maxwell will be headlining this month’s WONDERGROUND!

Wonderground Finale
The Biggest Magic Party in Las Vegas! – January 15th, all info at

7pm – Michael Mirth will be strolling and doing Psychic readings

8pm – The Comedy stage show
RandiLyn – Magic with a touch of bondage!
Maxwell Blade- Rock n Roll Magic
Joan Dukore- Smart,Classy & Sassy

9pm – The Diamond Parlor
Harrison Lampert – Close up with a humorous touch
Joan Dukore – Even more Smart, Classy and Sassy
RJ Owens – The man with the best job in the World!

10pm – Stage Extravaganza
Arian Black – Sensual Sorcery
Tim Wise – Man on Fire!
Steve Owens – Award-winning Manipulation
Maxwell Blade – The Rock Star of Magic Rocks the stage


Live DJ, Belly Dancers, and The Psychic Sideshow!

I’ll see you on TV January 30th on the CW network’s Masters of Illusion!

Check my tour schedule for shows near you!

Catch on fire and stay warm my friends,


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