Can You Keep a Secret?

“Want to know my secret? I can tell you, but then I’ll have to kill you!”

                                                         – Lance Burton, Master Magician

Imagine that you can travel through time & space to the enchanting McBride House of Mystery.

Imagine the most luxurious tour of our home and magic museum…personally guided by me.

Imagine yourself experiencing a wonderful interactive magic show where you are the star!

If you can imagine it…it can become real.


Only 13 VIP screens are available for each virtual show in December.

Only 13 lucky people will have the opportunity to have this experience.

This unique event is called Jeff McBride‘s MAGIC QUEST

More than a show!

More than a tour!

More than a party!

MAGIC QUEST is our new virtual show and is now taking reservations–but it is available ONLY to our Museletter readers!

If you want to attend, send us an email and we will make sure that you will get complete information on the upcoming event. Just email Abigail:  or call 702-450-0021.


I had the honor to study with one of the greatest storytellers of our time, Eugene Burger. 

Master story tellers like Eugene have tips and tricks to help us tell our stories. Sean Buvala has been teaching storytelling since 1986. He gives us some great tips.

1.     You need to tell stories that you like.

Choose a story you like when telling for kids at the library, for a sacred setting, or to leaders of business or nonprofit groups. There will be many stories for any situation you are in. Choose a story that you can understand and enjoy.

2.  Do not hesitate to remove the slow parts of your story.

It’s not unusual for first-time storytellers to try to tell every piece of a story. Storytelling occurs in the moment, so not every detail has to be included each time. Ask yourself, “Do I need to tell this piece of the story this time? Is it critical?”

3. Use eye-contact with your listeners.

Your eye contact is a gift to the listener. It always amazes me how a fleeting moment of eye contact can make an audience member come to me and say, “I felt like you were talking to me personally.”

Want MORE? Go read Sean’s full article here:

If you had a chance, would you sit by the fire with me and listen to some great stories?

Now you can join me for â€œThe Story Master Series.”

Now you can experience the world’s greatest magicians, sharing their most meaningful stories!

Let me guide you through my video archives, personal stories, and exciting performance routines. You will learn to illustrate and enhance your personal storytelling with magic.  

In this course, we will focus on three major aspects of the creative process.

1. TELLING YOUR STORY: The Heart of the Art of Magic 

Learn how to unlock your inner storyteller. We will focus on improvisation skills, scripting, memorization techniques, and how to make a memorable story. Not all stories have words–however,  every magic routine tells a story, and you will learn the secret key to help you unlock presentations for many of the magic effects you already own or perform. 


Since the dawn of time, magicians have used the power of symbol to evoke deep responses and stir the imagination. I will unlock a treasure trove of rich magical stories, symbols, metaphors and more to enhance your magical performances. Drawing on my vast experience of multicultural studies, you will learn how to apply my time-tested techniques to enrich your understanding and performances. We will also explore “The Twenty Essential Effects” of magic.


Magic is an international language. In this class, we will focus on adding “your personal touch” to your performances. You will learn a few new tricks, and you will also learn the closely guarded trade secrets for engaging and connecting with your audiences, one on one, or in crowds. Whether you are a full time professional, or a magic enthusiast who performs only for a few friends or the grandkids, we are all called on to perform magic in social situations.  

For the next three weeks I will be telling stories near our virtual fireplace, and if you’d like to learn the art of storytelling please join me right here:

Now Tobias has a few things to share with you about upcoming events here in Las Vegas.

Stay warm and cozy by the fire! I’ll see you in our virtual showroom or classroom!


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