Can Jeff McBride Fool Penn & Teller?

Jeff on Fool Us

My friends have been challenging me to do this for the past couple of years. Now I have gone forward and accepted the challenge! Can I do it?

You will have to tune in to the show in July to see if I can actually pull this off and be one of the rare few magicians in the world that have indeed fooled Penn & Teller.

Will you be watching?

Magic Stars

The Las Vegas Magic Invasion!

Do you remember the 1964 “British invasion?”

The Beatles stormed the USA… creating a new sensation in music.

Now something like that is happening again, only this time it is the LAS VEGAS MAGIC STARS!This summer we are storming Asia and will appear in Macau, Malaysia, Taiwan, and multiple cities all through mainland China.

See the video now:

Stars of Magic Vimeo

Learn more about our world tour here:


Have you seen my wife Abigail dance? Here is a photo of my amazing wife dancing with the New World Rhythmatism dancers at our Las Vegas magic night club, McBride’s Wonderground. This month Abigail and I are performing together on stage, so come out and see us and all of our surprise guests.



The biggest magic party in Las Vegas and you are invited! You’ll see new world-class acts appearing this month. For the full lineup, address and times of the show go to:

I’ll be seeing you on tour or on TV!

Yours in the great mysteries of life,

Jeff and Abigail


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