Attention, Sympathy & Choice

Greetings magical friends,

What an honor and a privilege it is, to be asked to write a Museletter, to be given the opportunity to spend a few moments of precious time with you, to have you read the words I write, and consider the ideas I bring to mind. Thank you for the attention you are giving, right now.

With these few moments, I want to encourage you to be mindful about the choices you make about what you give your attention to.

Sir James Frazer, in The Golden Bough, writes about the principles of sympathetic magic, that “like produces like.” This theme appears in conjuring magic in various effects, including the Sympathetic Silks, made popular in the 1970’s by Lewis Ganson, and in Jörg Alexander’s Sympathetic Ten Card routine.

In the rest of our lives, one might imagine that if we choose to give our attention to, and direct our thoughts towards creativity, peace, and kindness, that this is more of what we will find coming into our awareness, and into our lives.

Consider this holiday season, and beyond, to notice when the mind begins to look for what is wrong, rather than what is right. Observe when the self-talk starts to get bossy or harsh. Become aware of the exact moment when the eyes of judgement open and the heart of kindness closes… and in that moment, challenge yourself. Challenge yourself to do something different. Perhaps you will take a deep breath, maybe touch your own chest, or choose to look for what the most beautiful object you can see in that moment is….

We get to choose what we focus on. What we focus on increases. Let us choose wisely.

Sympathetically yours,

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