A Lesson in Radical Responsibility

Dear Friends:

The following is an excerpt from the introduction to my next book, which will be all about building and marketing your business as a magician or other independent performer. I hope you enjoy it, and look forward to any feedback you might have. Among other things, I’m searching for a title. I think I want it to be a “Wizard’s Way” book…and I’d love your help in coming up with the title. If you happen to be the person to send me the one I ultimately choose, I’ll send you a free, signed copy of the book when it’s ready.

Tobias and Jeff

OK… now from the book:

Your #1 Lesson – Responsibility
A few years ago I was introduced to the idea that, if you take full responsibility for everything in your world, it will change your life drastically and for the better.  The minute you shift responsibility outside yourself – by blaming a co-worker, a particular situation, the market – or anything else – you give up control of your fate.  When you take responsibility – even for things you think you couldn’t possibly be responsible for – you gain the ability to control your own reality, your own relationship to the world – and your own fate in business.


Only You are Responsible
This may sound radical, but the attitude to take is this: In your business, as in your life, only you are responsible for success and happiness. I’m not suggesting you won’t face challenges coming from outside yourself. You will. But if you take full responsibility, you’ll find your way around or through those challenges. If you have created a clear vision of where you want to go, you’ll be completely capable of getting there – even if you have to take a dozen detours in order to make it there. On the other hand…if you haven’t created a clear vision, and have no passion, you may not get anywhere.

You Can Have Help
Accepting ultimate responsibility for your business does not mean that you have to “do it all” yourself. The more help you get, the faster you are likely to get where you want to go. However, as the team leader, you must remember that you are responsible for everything your team does. You need to inspire them and communicate clearly about exactly what you need from each of them. When they fail, and they will, remember to take responsibility for their failure. Either you chose someone not up to the task, or you failed to communicate the exact nature and importance of that task. These are both things you have the ability to change – so change them, and don’t blame the team member!

# # #

So, how much do YOU love to perform? Are you serious about building a career in magic, but have no idea how you’ll do that? Have you always wished you could put everything else aside and just do the thing you love, and still make a decent living? It’s not as simple as just developing a set of great tricks, or even building a show. But it’s not rocket science, either. I’m betting, if it’s your passion, you do have what it takes. All you need is a bit of guidance and special knowledge. So, what’s holding you back? Take a moment and answer that.

If you came up with something outside yourself—not enough money, not enough time, the opinions of others—you either don’t have the passion you need to make it, or you’re failing to take responsibility for your fate. You can change that, right here and now. It won’t be comfortable, but it will change the rest of your life.

As some of you might be aware, Jeff McBride and I have wanted to offer a “professionals” course, teaching the basic principles of building a magic business, for quite some time. As it turns out, we have a short break in both our schedules between November 19 and 22nd, so we thought we would take another shot at it. The course will include feedback from both of us on your performances (if you choose to show them), based on just what you need to do to make them more commercial, more saleable… more in concert with the market where you want to offer them. We’ll also cover every major aspect of running and managing your business, from finances to communications, with a strong emphasis on marketing—in ways you might not expect.

We’ve asked our good friend Richard Faverty, photographer extraordinaire to include a photo shoot as part of the package. As you’re already aware, a day of coaching with Jeff alone is worth over $1200. My own rates for a full day come in around $800, and Richard’s shoots run anywhere from $500 on up, depending on the amount of time and complexity of the shoot. We’ve decided to offer the whole package, just this one time, for $1,650, which we calculate to be about 35% off what it would normally cost. Participants will also receive a pre-release copy of the new book, notebooks of their own with additional materials, and more.

We can handle up to 12 students for this class, but no more. We’ll only offer it once at this price and with this set-up… so if you want what we’re offering, now is the time to sign up and get started on that career right now. If you’re serious about your career, why wait? Register now: http://www.magicalwisdom.com/events#496

Perhaps you’re one of our readers already firmly on the path to success with your business, but have always wanted to know the secrets to Jeff’s work with masks. This is a lucky time for you, because on January 9 and 10, Jeff will be joined by Enrico Pezzoli for Mask, Mime and Magic, right here at The House of Mystery in Las Vegas. Learn more and sign up while there are still spots left: http://www.magicalwisdom.com/events#498

Jeff Mask Flame

I hope you’ve found this to be informative. I know, even when I’m not thinking of building a new business, I’m fascinated by learning how it’s done. Apologies for ending with my little “sales pitch.” I hate using this Museletter to sell, but sometimes we find ourselves “down to the wire” with a class, and this is one of those times.

You’re all such great supporters of our school and our continuing cause, I’d hate for you to feel we’re using this just to sell you our wares. That’s why we go out of our way to offer content each month that we think will deepen your thinking about our amazing art. Just now I’m feeling filled to the brim with just such thinking, largely because we’ve just wound up our best “Magic & Meaning” ever, and each and every talk inspired me to think in new and deeper ways. We’ll be posting some of the talks so those of you who couldn’t make it in can share them.

Till next time, then.


Tobias Beckwith

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