Scorpions in my dressing room!

Scorpions in my dressing room
Meet  my roommates in Mexico: Kotkin and his “assistant” Scorpio!

Creating Enchantment:  Sources of Inspiration

From Bryce:  Scott Shelton sent us a wonderful article on how to find inspiration for your magic.  Read it in the Secret Art Journal.

World Tour Report

From: National Auditorium Mexico City 9,800 SEATS

Opening night ticket sales exceed expectations. The show runs 2 1/2 hours, and is packed with the best illusions from the cast.

One of the creative ideas of producer Simon Painter was for us to create our “character” for the show. Following is the list of archetypal magicians.

  • The Shaman – Jeff McBride
  • The Grand Illusionist – Brett Daniels
  • The Enchantress – Jinger Kalin
  • The Gentleman – Mark Kalin
  • The Inventor – Kevin James
  • The Escapist – Andrew Basso
  • The Anti-Conjuror – Dan Sperry
  • The Trickster– Sal Salansang
  • The Surrealist – Joaquin Kotkin

Here is a photo from the huge press conference held for the opening of the show.

The Illusionitsts

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”

The innovative staging gets all of us working together on stage to create magical moments like this photo from opening night of my “KING OF CARDS” finale, where I am joined by the team of magicians to generate an ecstatic moment of ensemble magic!  I have NEVER heard such an amazing audience reaction in my life!

The Illusionists Card Finale

The applause was deafening… almost terrifying!

We are in Mexico City for 2 weeks of shows, then off to Monterrey and then Guadalajara. If you are near any of these cities and love magic – this is a show not to be missed!

Doctor’s Orders!

Reviews are coming in for my new book.

Lance Burton:  “If you only read one magic book this year, make it The Show Doctor.”

Mac King:  “I truly believe that Jeff McBride is the best guide to improving your magic show in the world today.”

We also created a Facebook Page that has “Everything you wanted to know about  The Show Doctor.

The Show Doctor on TV

Our faculty created a one-hour special episode all about The Show Doctor. Our special guest was Stan Allen who worked with publisher Larry Hass, on creating the iPad version…our book is the 1st iPad magic book in history!


Entertainment critics have called our monthly event “the coolest nightclub in Las Vegas!”  Every month we produce a new show filled with variety, art and magic. This month, Tim Wise will host the 8pm show, Paul Draper will host the close up room and Abbi McBride will host the 10 pm stage extravaganza! This month will feature new variety acts never seen before at the Wonderground!

Come early to get a great seat! See for details.

Magically yours from Mexico!

Jeff McBride


The Show Doctor is IN!

Dear Friends:

Today we hear first from our Associate Dean and favorite book publisher, Dr. Larry Hass, with big news:

The Show Doctor

The Show Doctor is IN!

It is my deep pleasure to announce that Jeff’s book The Show Doctor has just been released.  This new book includes:  11 previously unpublished routines, revised versions of Jeff’s celebrated advice column from MAGIC Magazine (2007-2010), and over 45,000 new, additional words beyond the original columns, including many interviews and additional writings.

The Show Doctor Video

The Show Doctor is the first ever magic book to be simultaneously released in two formats:  a print version published by my Theory and Art of Magic Press and a digital version designed for the iPad published in partnership with Stan Allen and MAGIC Magazine.  For complete information about both versions and how to purchase either a print copy, a digital copy, (or both!), please go to and click on The Show Doctor banner.  One last note:  Purchasers of the print book will have full access to all the embedded materials created for the digital version, including over 30 minutes of new video content and pop-up materials and essays.

Video Secrets

Jordan WrightOur guest columnist today is Jordan Wright, a jack-of-many-trades and favorite videographer (who created the videos included as part of The Show Doctor package. This is an article from Jordan’s Red Spade Productions blog, with tips on ways to use your phone or portable video cam more effectively:

Recently, I talked about a bit about using a Smartphone camera to shoot quality video. If you missed it, you can read it HERE. It can certainly be beneficial to those looking to shoot something on the fly without the need for a lot of expensive equipment. In this month’s newsletter, I would like to add to that and share a few options for stabilizing your camera and preventing your footage from appearing too “handheld”.

With your Smartphone, Flip camera, or Vado camera it is so convenient to carry it in your pocket and hold it in your hand once you are ready to shoot. However, shooting video completely handheld will cause it to lack that professional look, not to mention make the video difficult to watch. With that said, for around $20 you can get a tripod adapter case that will hold your iPhone and allow it to be mounted on a 1/4″ screw base.  Once you have this there are many lightweight stabilizers that the phone can be mounted to. For travel, I always carry a Joby GorillaPod in my bag. It is small, lightweight, and its legs can either be stood up like a normal tripod or wrapped around a pole, which make it very versatile – especially if you want to film yourself talking.

If I am going to be filming someone or something, I prefer to have more control with being able to give a little movement to the shot. For this, I use a Fig Rig. This device, which resembles a steering wheel, really helps stabilize the shot when standing still (preventing the shakiness of my hands from shaking the camera). By turning it like a wheel, you can also get angles, giving the video a more dynamic look. The Fig Rig also allows for some movement – mostly panning and tilting the camera (side to side and up and down). It is not as desirable if you are going to be moving the camera around a lot as it will not absorb any bounce when walking.

[Read the rest of this article on The Secret Art Journal]

Before we go, we have one more bit of news from Larry Hass:

2012 Magic and Meaning Conference Update

We are rapidly approaching the July 15 deadline for submitting proposals for both presentations and performances for the Conference (October 17-20, 2012).  For full information about how to make and submit a proposal, please see “Call for Presentations and Performances.”  Further:  the Conference itself is rapidly approaching sold-out status and once that happens there will not be additional seats available.  So please don’t delay in registering; now is the time!  Visit the website to register.

That’s about it for today’s Museletter.

The Illusionists

Jeff will be leaving to tour with “The Illusionists” in Mexico on July 8, with performances in Mexico City from July 12-22, in Monterrey from July 26-29 and in Guadalajara from August 2-5. If you will be near any of those cities, this is a magic show you don’t want to miss!

Wishing you all a magical July, this is:

Tobias Beckwith

PS: You can get The Show Doctor now at:
and the iPad version at:
Dealers contact Murphy’s Magic Supplies, Inc.