Virtual Mystery School!

“There is a real magic in enthusiasm. It spells the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment.”
— Unknown author

Greetings magical friends…

We are enthusiastic about our new accomplishment!


At our upcoming Master Class on June 30th from 8pm to 11pm (Pacific Time), we are experimenting with creating a “virtual magic school.” The VMS will be available for you to participate in!

Join Eugene Burger, Tobias Beckwith, Bryce Kuhlman, Abbi and me, as well as all the Magic School faculty for this new exploration into the world of magical education. Our virtual Mystery School will feature a cam chat room, so we can help you one on one and in small groups, learn some of the secrets that we share with our students here in Las Vegas. The internet is bringing people together around the world, and we are happy that we can open our School to those who cannot make the journey to Las Vegas at this time.

Tuesday June 30th at 8pm Las Vegas time

Go to your computer and log into

For now, please visit our virtual home in cyber-space. This is an actual rendering of what our Magic & Mystery School looks like! It was crafted by a team of artists, and took over a year to prepare…. We are still working on it and are open to your thoughts and ideas.

See you on the evening of the 30th for this historic and fun event!

Jeff & the Magic And Mystery School faculty

Enjoy the super hot models!

From Tobias:

Thanks to Fantasma and all the New York magicians who made Jeff’s event there last week such a success! We’re working to get him back in your neighborhood again early next year.

We still have a few spots available for upcoming classes in July and August. Check out the schedule and sign up now — Las Vegas prices will only go up from here as we move forward out of the recession. Now is the time to take time and invest in your show and career, which prices are down and work is scarce. Be ready to take full advantage and gain market using what you learn to improve your show and market share as things start to come back.

Regsiter for classes online

Best to all,

Reaching Goals

“A goal is a dream with a deadline.”
–Napoleon Hill

Greetings Magical Friends…

Think and Grow Rich is one of the classics of motivational literature. The above quote is one I often use when I am working on a project. For me, goal-setting is a way of life. We here at the Magic School help many people just like you to achieve their dreams. I get asked lots of questions about how I achieved success in my field. I offer this advice to our students, and to you, friends.


Many students of magic ask me this question. Sometimes, it’s what you shouldn’t do that can help you with your goals. What shouldn’t you do? At a certain point in your career, it’s time to stop purchasing magic effects, DVDs and books, and get serious about practice and rehearsal. There’s a right and a wrong way to practice and rehearse. Eugene reminds us that great magicians are created one effect at a time. Here are a few ideas on how to more effectively utilize your practice and rehearsal time.¬†
Read Magic On Stage


Take the time to invest in yourself…. We’ll see you here at one of our upcoming classes.


We have four excellent courses this summer. If you want to upgrade your magic skills and business and marketing, you will want to join us.
Magic School Calendar of Events


I am very proud of my brother’s recent TV appearance!

My brother Clay Patrick McBride is the SUPER PHOTOGRAPHER on the episode that aired this week…check him out:
Clay McBride on Make Me a Supermodel

It’s a blast when the remaining four models pose with fire and explosions surrounding them. They then fire up the catwalk by wearing high-fashion tuxedos and gowns. Photographer Clay Patrick McBride makes an appearance. See Clay’s site and his great photos:
Clay Patrick McBride

I am off to NYC for the show and lecture, got to go pack again! Come join us at Fantasma!
Jeff McBride Lecture at Fantasma

Yours in the art of mystery,