Fire and Magical Passion…

“Any media-brainwashed automaton can summon the insipid courage to peer into the horrifying abyss. But it takes a freaking genius with a fearless imagination to peer into the maw of happiness.”
–Rob Breszny

Greetings Magical friends,

Pictured here is Jeff, Jordan, David Copperfield, Eugene, and Tobias inside the secret magic museum.

These Magic and Mystery School faculty had the pleasure and rare opportunity to explore David Copperfield’s fabulous private magic collection last week. For two and a half hours, David led us on an incredible journey through the history of mystery. David also performed some rare and exotic vintage magic, including the Carl Germaine Blooming Rose Bush illusion, culminating with live roses being presented to the ladies. Special thanks to David and his staff for allowing us this rare privilege!

Jeff McBride on A&E MINDFREAK, August 21st.
This photo of Jeff and Criss was shot on location, during the “TRIAL BY FIRE” episode, which will air 8/21/07. Jeff not only consulted on this “Burned Alive” illusion which will be the feature of the episode, but also performed some thrilling fire magic as well. Check your local listings for details.

Criss was a special guest at our recent Master Class here in Las Vegas. He dropped in during our Las Vegas magic party, and spent time answering questions and sharing his life with our students. One of the things he shared that was how keeping a positive attitude has been a major key to his success; whatever was going on, he held onto his vision and his dream and stayed positive, and that has helped his to make his magic a reality.

This final photo is Jeff’s new billboard for the upcoming show at the Trump Marina in Atlantic City, NJ. We’ll be there August 2nd through September 2nd. We hope to see all of our East Coast friends at the show. Get your tickets now at

This will be a last call for anyone who wants to attend the August 8 – 14th Master Class in Atlantic City. Two spaces are available. If you want one of them, move quickly to

We will not at the Burning Man festival this year due to our show schedule, but wish Bryce Kuhlman and the wizard Gary Stadler lots of success with their amazing installation, The Inner Mind! To take a peek at their genius, go to

Summer magic and blessings to all!
See you on the road…

Jeff & Abbi McBride

The Show Doctor in Action

“Indubitably, Magic is one of the subtlest and most difficult of the sciences and arts. There is more opportunity for errors of comprehension, judgment and practice than in any other branch of physics.”
— Aleister Crowley 1875-1947, British Occultist

Greetings Magical Friends,

Pictured here is Jeff, with Pamela Anderson and Hans Klok. Jeff’s reputation as “the Show Doctor,” is having a major impact on shows around Las Vegas. Recently, Hans hired Jeff on to consult on his new hit show, “The Beauty of Magic.”

If you’d like to read some tips on how you can improve your show, Jeff and Bryce Kuhlman have created The Secret Arts Journal, a free service to our readers.

Jeff was also a guest speaker for David Copperfield last week at his Project Magic conference at the MGM Grand Hotel, here in Las Vegas. Jeff’s talk at the seminar was called “Magic for Medical Professionals,” and was a highlight of the day. For more information on our annual conference for doctors who love magic, go to:

Here is a recent photo from a new book on Street Magic. Here, Jeff is shown just before he swallows a razor sharp steak knife. Tom Ogden is the author of this new book on urban conjuring, and it will be out in the Fall. For those who want to see our MCBRIDE MAGIC AT THE EDGE live, we will be on the East Coast, for the entire month of August, at the Trump Marina, in Atlantic City. For more information, go to:

Jeff will be a special guest star with Criss Angel on the upcoming TRIAL BY FIRE episode. Check your local listings for the air date. Criss told Jeff that he expects it to air “sometime in August.” Criss and Jeff are also exploring new magic for season 4. Watch for Jeff on upcoming episodes.

Next is a photo of Jeff at the Australian Society of Magicians 100th Anniversary Convention. In this photo, Shoot Ogawa, Lenart Greene, Ai, Jeff and Gaetan Bloom are shown outside the convention hall, preparing to go in and meet their fans. Jeff is looking forward to meeting all of you when we get to our next stop in Atlantic City. We always take time to meet and greet all of our friends and fans after the show.

Jeff and Eugene will be together for our August Master Class in Atlantic City. There are still two spaces available for the class. You can read more about it here:

We’ll look forward to seeing you soon!

Yours in magic,
Abbi & Jeff McBride