“A Magickal Life” on Vision TV

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We have great news — Jeff’s special television documentary is just about to air! If it is in your area, be sure to catch it. Here’s the hot news… Read on friends, and spread the word!


Las Vegas, January 11, 2006 – Local magician Jeff McBride,
last seen on the strip headlining in “The World’s Greatest Magic Show,” is featured as the subject of “A Magickal Life: Jeff McBride,” one of the first episodes of the new documentary series Enigma on Canada’s Vision TV. The show will first air on the evening of January 24 at 9pm, or 10pm PST. Repeats air on Saturdays, starting Jan. 13 at 10 p.m. ET, and on Mondays, starting Jan. 15, 10 p.m. and 1 a.m. ET.

The documentary begins with a teen-aged Jeff McBride performing his magic at the Orange County Fair in upstate New York. By his twenties, McBride was opening for rock bands like Cheap Trick, touring with Diana Ross and headlining at The Hilton in Las Vegas. But at the height of his success, this young illusionist was overcome by the urge to explore new territory. So began his search for the source of real magic: a journey to the mythological roots of this art form that would lead deep into the worlds of neo-paganism, drum circles and fire rituals. He would return a changed man. In this documentary, McBride tells of what he learned on his quest, and reveals how even the simplest magician’s trick can hold layer upon layer of meaning. “Magic is about transformation,” he says. “It reminds us that everything changes – including ourselves.”

Filmed mostly in and around Las Vegas during theLogo for the Enigma series spring of 2006, “A Magickal Life” takes viewers on a stroll down the Las Vegas Strip, into one of McBride’s Master Classes, onto the stage at The World’s Greatest Magic Show, to local fire circle celebration, to the Burning Man Festival, and to numerous other fascinating locales. Interviewed are McBride, fellow magicians Lance Burton and Eugene Burger and many others.

Says Alberta Nokes, Vision TV’s Director of Independent Production: “As the success of author Dan Brown’s novels has shown, there is a huge appetite for knowledge about secret societies, arcane symbology, the occult and other esoteric subjects. Enigma takes a skeptical but open-minded approach to topics like these. While humor may play a part in many Enigma stories, that doesn’t diminish the essential role of good research in producing these films. This journalistic approach will distinguish Enigma from a great deal of other programming on the unexplained.”

Enigma features “real-life stories at the edge of theCircle of Masks - photo by Richard Faverty possible,” delving into all aspects of esoteric spirituality and the unexplained. The hour-long documentaries commissioned for Enigma take an entertaining, contemporary view of historical subjects, investigating everything from Eastern mysticism and secret societies to psychic communication and belief in the afterlife.

McBride will also be appearing on another upcoming episode
of Enigma, “Mysteries of the Tarot Cards,” which begins airing on March 21.

To learn more about Enigma and view a clip from the show, visit www.visiontv.ca.

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If by chance, you miss this airing, Tobias Beckwith, our manager, who handles our merchandising, will have DVDs available on the http://shop.yourmagic.com web
catalogue in a Sword & Mask - photo by Richard Favertyfew weeks.

Magic is about stepping into the unknown and finding light in the darkness. Our magical work invites you to join us on our quest, of pushing on our perceived limitations of our reality. If you ever feel the urge to step beyond the known, and to discover what greater magic you have inside, perhaps we’ll see you at one of our upcoming events!

Yours in the mysteries of magic,

Jeff, Abbi, Eugene, Tobias, Bryce and all the faculty and students of the Magic and Mystery School

From Tobias:

We thought you might like to know the last two photos in this museletter are from Jeff’s most recent photo shoot, just a couple of weeks ago, with Richard Faverty here in Las Vegas. We will have some of the new photos available on the web-site within the next couple of weeks for anyone who is interested. We’ve also recently added a number of short downloadable free and paid video clips of Jeff teaching and performing….if you haven’t been to the catalog lately, check it out at http:/shop.yourmagic.com.

Happy New Year!

Greetings Magical Friends!

A goal is a dream with a deadline.


As I gaze into the crystal ball, I see a vision swirling within its murky depths…. a magical vision, a mysterious vision, a mystical vision… I see you, dear reader, joining us on an Dec. 2006 by Richard Faverty
extraordinary magical adventure. I see us journeying together in pursuit of the real secrets and deeper meanings of magic. New years are new beginnings, times to set goals for the year to come. At this moment, I invite you to take a breath and consider what you wish to attract into your life in this coming year. For those of us in the magical arts, let’s think about what we want our magic to be, by this time next year. What new effects or routines do you wish to polish and perform? What will you do to further your magical education this year? So, let’s start setting goals and making our dreams come true! Welcome to the world of magic for 2007.


The Secret is a new movie that one of my students, Robert Ray, told me about. The Secret is a film about the Law of Attraction. This is a Hermetic principle of making thoughts manifest into physical reality. The Secret is based on The Emerald Tablet, which is the most ancient of all Hermetic texts. The Emerald Tablet is a formula for transmuting lead into gold.

MYSTERIUMCandledance 2004

Abbi and I share a passion for Alchemy. Each year, we host a three day conference called Mysterium, where we bring in special guest teachers and authors from around the world to share their knowledge of the Royal Art.


A. An alchemical fusion of art, ritual theater,
shape-shifting, trance-dance, ceremonial magick, spoken word poetry, invocation, meditation, divination, rites of purification, transformation, illumination and celebration! Oh, and did we say plenty of live drumming, dance and music? All lovingly blended together with divine inspiration into the elixir of life!!

You are invited to join our inspired magickal community! Come celebrate with us; dance, drum, dream, and learn from some of the best teachers in the world of ritual and magic.

Is it really possible to turn lead into gold?

To find out and to get more information, go to http://www.vegasvortex.com


At this moment, we are coming to you live from an internet cafe, en route to Barbados, where we’ll be meeting a ship and cruising through the Caribbean. We’ll be ringing in the new year, as is our tradition, at sea, doing our magic show. Jeff has been honing his new “oracle show” of mind reading and mental mysteries, which he’s looking forward to presenting. We’ll also be reviewing the past year, and setting goals for the year to come.

PRIVATE SESSIONSJeff, Eugene & Dirk Losander, by Lara Pugliesi

One of my resolutions from last year was to spend more time developing our mentoring program here at the Magic and Mystery School. To that end, I am devoting more time to our one on one coaching sessions. Many of our students are not professional magicians; yet, they have a deep passion to explore the deeper meanings of the art, as well as to expand their performance capabilities. I find it especially rewarding when I can create a magical experience for magicians. Over the past year, we’ve had students from Australia, France, Hong Kong, and all over the United States stop by the school when they visit Las Vegas, and spending time deepening their passion for the art of magic. I Invite all of you to take a few hours out of your Vegas visit and stop by the school. Call Abbi at 702-450-0021 in advance to
arrange a convenient time.


Our January Master Class is completely sold out. We have some spaces available in February, March and April. Go to http://www.magicalwisdom.com/calendar.php

The February class will be hot on the heels of the WORLD MAGIC SEMINAR. If you’re planning to come in for the WMS,
plan to stay a few extra days with us here at the Magic and Mystery School.


I’ve been putting the finishing touches on a new DVD project, titled “REVOLUTION! The Evolution of the Double Dancing Cane.” This levitation effect has been one of my pet secrets for many years. Now, I’ve decided, as a part of my “letting go process,” to release it to the magic community. Look for it in the Spring. Also this year, Tobias Beckwith, my manager, director and lighting designer, will be publishing his new book on theater games for magicians, creativity, and “making it your own.” Bryce Kuhlman, our webmaster, is honing his skills in the Shao-lin martial arts. Abbi is preparing to release her new CD, Fire of Creation… and I’m writing a new column for MAGIC MAGAZINE, called THE SHOW DOCTOR. In addition, I’m devoting more time to staying connected and nurturing my relationships with the magical community and friends like you! Please stay in touch with us. We love hearing from you!

May you transmute all of your lead into gold, and achieve
all of your golden goals.

May the New Year be filled with peace, prosperity and magic
for all of us!

Jeff & Abbi McBride