Reflections On Our Beloved Eugene

Photo by: Michael Caplan

It is with heavy hearts that we, friends of Eugene Burger, inform you that Eugene has passed away in Chicago at the age of 78.

Eugene enjoyed a long, healthy life, but was very recently diagnosed with terminal cancer. Even so, his death today came more quickly than expected, and we are deeply shocked and saddened by his loss.

We know that in the days, weeks, and months ahead, countless things will be written and said about Eugene, and we will share more information, too. But for now, we want to tell you that Eugene embraced his situation with great clarity, humor, and peace of mind. As he said one day, “Now I am on the way to the ultimate capital M Mystery of life.”

Please join us in remembering and celebrating Eugene, a rare and wonderful person who has meant so much to us and to magicians all over the world.”

Below are some beautiful reflections from some of the faculty of the McBride Magic & Mystery School. We hope these words will help bring you all comfort.

Jeff McBride

My teacher for over 30 years and my best friend taught me how to live, grow old gracefully, and how to die with dignity. I have shared more time with this great man that any other man in my life. Every moment was a blessing and his spirit lives on in his students and his works.

Eugene’s life was brighter than 10,000 suns.

Dr. Lawrence Hass

Eugene Burger was my dear friend, mentor, collaborator, show partner, co-author, advisor, co-teacher, and constant companion in my 25-year explorations of magic. His impact on my life was immeasurable, and he was the wisest, most vital philosopher I have ever studied. Heart fully broken today but also full of deep gratitude for his extraordinary friendship.

I want to thank the thousands of you who have posted so respectfully and lovingly today, and who reached out to me personally. My heart and condolences go out to you, too, because Eugene was so beloved by so many.

Tobias Beckwith

Tobias, Eugene, Jeff, Abbi and Larry

I feel so sad that Eugene is gone, but so blessed to have been his friend. Eugene had a way of really seeing you that made us all feel better about ourselves… and better for having him as a friend. His life was a gift to all of us.

Dr. Ricardo Rosenkranz:

One night after the Full August Moon, my friend, mentor and sage found meaning, mystery, and transformation as he, peaceful, embraced a vast eternal sleep.

Simone Marron

As I contemplate the first day on this planet without Eugene, it comes to me that he has not left us. He has left a piece of himself in every one of us. As I read the comments and posts from those who grieve for him, I realize that we all have a common bond. Eugene has touched and impacted every one of our lives in a positive way. Nothing can take that away from us. He will always be with us. He was all about wisdom, love and kindness. Please remember to be kind to those around you. Eugene would have wanted it that way.

Abbi McBride

Jeff, Eugene and Abbi

Tears of grief will turn to sweet memory. These feelings will not last forever, and it will not always be as painful as it is right now. This, I know.

Mostly, I am profoundly grateful to have shared 28 years with The Master. My guru, teacher, guide and friend will never pad down the stairs in his bathrobe again to hug me good morning. I will never hear his resonant voice reciting poetry or giving “words from the dean” to the classes here. I will never be making him breakfast again, or going out to dinner, or sitting with him by the fire….

It’s the little things that break your heart open.

At the corner of my eye

From the edges of a dream

In the center of the space inside my heart

I remember…We remember.

And all that we have loved is always here, now.

All that we have loved is always here.


Ways to Take Better Care of Yourself

Dear Friends:

Katherine Rettke has been a wonderful friend to the Magic & Mystery School for many years now. Just a few years ago, she was kind enough to accept our offer to become our Executive Assistant, handling many of the details of organizing and sending those “month out” and “week out” letters to students attending our classes. She handles at least a dozen “behind the scenes” jobs at the school, and I really don’t know what we would do without her! She takes such great care of all of us, I think her subject here, on ways you can all take care of yourselves, is most appropriate!



Many of you know me as the Executive Assistant to the Magic & Mystery School, but when I am not supporting the school, I work as a psychiatric social worker in an emergency room.  As you might imagine, self-care is critical to social workers. When I am taking care of myself, I am less likely to become physically sick or emotionally burned out. My own personal list of what I do to take care of myself is in some ways unique to me.  Here is an example: I read uplifting books when I am reading for enjoyment, and I avoid sources of entertainment which depict graphic suffering. Other areas of self-care which I follow apply to anyone in my field. This list includes basics, such as frequent hand-washing, following safety procedures, and keeping up with ongoing professional training.

Experiencing how important self-care is in my own life has helped me to become more aware about the importance of self-care for everyone, regardless of profession. Consider thinking about your own list of ways to take care of yourself. In this Museletter, I want to share a few ideas for those working in the magic profession that I hope you will find helpful and “healthful!”

  • Take steps to keep yourself healthy. This means getting rest, eating healthy foods, and protecting your emotional health. This also means keeping up with your own medical and dental care. Who knows how much longer Harry Houdini might have lived if he had gotten medical care early enough to treat his appendicitis. When it comes to your own health, please don’t be like Harry Houdini.

Want to learn more?  There is a wonderful blog written by Kerry Hishon with practical health tips especially written for stage performers:

  • Learn about ways to protect yourself from injury and accident. It is important to become vigilant about everything you are using in your shows and bringing into your home and performing venues. Are your props in sound and working condition? Are any dangerous items, like knives or flammables, secured so no one could be injured by them? Do you carefully review your backstage areas to make sure you won’t get hurt as you navigate them?

Want to learn more? There is an organization called Arts, Crafts and Theater Safety. This is a not-for-profit corporation that provides health, safety, industrial hygiene, technical services, and safety publications to the arts, crafts, museums, and theater communities. You can visit their website at:

  • Find opportunities to seek out magical experiences in your own life.  If you are providing magical experiences for others, but not for yourself, ask yourself why that might be. There are so many ways in life that it is possible to take care of others around you and yet neglect yourself. I believe that the experience of wonder is yet one more area where it is possible to be good to everyone but yourself. Look for magical experiences that allow you to reconnect to your own feeling of being enchanted. These magical experiences can include educational opportunities and magician conferences.

My own personal favorite magician conference is the Magic & Meaning conference put on every year by the McBride Magic & Mystery School. This year, the conference takes place from October 18 – 21, 2017, and will include events designed to create the experience of wonder and magic for the attendees.

Want to learn more?  You can find more information about this conference at the McBride Magic & Mystery School  by visiting this link:

So there you go!  Be healthy, stay safe and take care of yourself so you can bring your special magic to others!

Jeff McBride – International Television Sensation!

Dear Friends:

Masters of Illusion

How many of these shows have you seen Jeff McBride on?




Well, now you can take a look at what is happening, both here at home, and around the world!

Here are some cool videos from our World Tour


Magic Stars Photo Shoot

Las Vegas Magic Stars Intro Video:

Magic Stars Intro Video

China tour Commercial:

China Tour Commercial

Have you only seen Jeff on TV, or have you seen him live?

Now you can watch and learn all about the fascinating art of magic with Jeff McBride and his team… 24 hours a day for FREE!

Tune into the magic. Tune into  WWW.MCBRIDEMAGIC.TV


Every Monday our faculty and guest teachers create a NEW show packed with mind-expanding ideas, powerful magic effects, product reviews and social commentary on the world of magic. You can watch “on demand” anytime and anywhere, even on your phone!

Just play it in the background of your computer (like a podcast) as you go about your day and the magic & wisdom will be absorbed into your blood!

Mystery School Video

Scott Steelfyre is our show’s producer — and he has good news

Now you can watch on your iPhone or portable device!

If you have not heard the news, you can now watch Mystery School Monday live–including locked rooms, PEP talks, & 300+ hours of past episodes. ON YOUR PHONE or mobile device!

The best way to do that right now is via the “Photon Browser.” (Download here:

I have tested the Android & iPhone versions and they both work really well!

The only thing to remember is: you have to turn on the flash player in the Photon browser to view the live feed. There is a lightning bolt on the bar near the top. Click on that and it activates the flash player.


Master of Ceremonies & celebrated host to the Las Vegas Magic Community. Tim has a way of connecting with EVERYONE. Tim is seen with just about everyone in Las Vegas… take a look! How many can YOU name!

Tim Wise Montage

Tim surrounds his life with amazing friends and stars.

His HOLLYWOOD STARS of MAGIC series continues this summer and fall. Tim is also part of Ron Saylor’s CELEBRITIES OF MAGIC SERIES in December. Tickets available NOW. Call: (661) 809-4826

Tim is working on the final touches to his new “International Stage Show,” a music driven magical experience featuring his powerful “Wise the Genie” Character.

We will get a taste of that new show this summer at WONDERGROUND!

Photo Credit: Sheryl A. Garrett

Each month Tim Wise heads up a team of “wonder-workers” and creates 3 NEW wonderful shows for WONDERGROUND.  He is a graceful giant of a man, both on stage and off… Tim’s motto is so positive, he inspired our entire team.

“We don’t HAVE to do this… We all GET to do this!”

Photo Credit: Sheryl A. Garrett


The Biggest magic party in Las Vegas. 3 Nonstop shows, one night only!

JULY 2017

7:30 pm – Strolling magic with Chris Randall, Jungle Josh, Gaston and Daniel


Jaysin and Nikki Nightengale will be hosting!

Tim Wise – A Big man with BIG magic

Jungle Josh – Comedy Variety magic

Daniel Greenwolf – Celtic magic

Steelfyre – The Cutting Edge of Magic

Gaston – Magic and Theater

Chris Randall – Comedy and Magic


                close up and strolling magic

Taylor Lloyd

Tim Wise

Jungle Josh



Chris Randall



Jason Bird – From Masters of Illusion

Wise – The Genie!

Jungle Josh – Vegas-Visual -Variety

Gaston – Theatrical Magic Inspirations

Chris Randall – Award Winning Stage magic

PLUS:  Photography by Sheryl Garrett. Bar Magic with Zack Pattee, Scott Steelfyre, Corey Rubino, Taylor Lloyd, New World Rhythmatism Belly Dancers, live art with Areeya – and many more surprises and special celebrity guests!!

the bottom line:

Butterflies and magic

That’s all for now! Jeff and Tobias are off touring in China. Be sure and catch Jeff’s TV appearances this month on Masters of Illusion and Fool Us! And check our calendar below for some of our exciting upcoming events at the Magic & Mystery School!

Wishing you a Magical Summer!

Jeff McBride and the whole team

here at the Magic & Mystery School

Who Am I, and How Did I Get Here?

Dear Friends:

We have a special Museletter today, written by our good friend and official Social Coordinator for Magic & Mystery School Events, Simone Marron. Those of you who know Simone might be surprised to find her writing on developing character, as she is such a delightful, somewhat colorful and unique character already, filled with all the warmth and magnanimity you might hope for in a Social Coordinator… but she has some very interesting insights to impart. I’m sure you’ll enjoy this!

From Simone:

I feel fortunate to be a part of the McBride Magic & Mystery School for many reasons. As well as constantly receiving a wealth of information and wisdom, strong bonds are formed that create so many life-long friendships. The faculty and students have become part of a warm and loving family. I have learned so much from them.

Mentalism  Class

Although I no longer perform, my thirst for knowledge on how to be a better performer prevails. I often drink deeply on the fountain of knowledge that flows from the Mystery School. I am forever grateful for this safe place for everyone with varied interests in magic, which constantly quenches my thirst.

A few years ago, one such quest for knowledge was to learn what I could on character development. Observing many different characters and persona in the world of magic performance over the years, I wanted to know who my character should be. I posed the question to Dr. Larry Hass at one of the master classes, and he came up with a teaching module to better explain it to me.

The summary of his teaching was to focus on who I am, other than being a magician. I needed to decide what was important to me, and what I enjoyed most in my life, and incorporate it into my performance. After much soul searching, I realized that I am also a mother, a party host, a writer, and a traveler. By enveloping these aspects in to my character, a clearer picture of who I am could be shared with an audience.

This was not the end of the story. As Eugene Burger says, “The house of magic has many rooms.”

When I shared my new insight with Eugene, he told me that I didn’t have to add anything to find my character. He said “You don’t need to develop a character. You already are a character. You just need to be a bigger version of you.”

Now I had a dilemma. Two of my extremely knowledgeable and highly respected teachers had given me different answers. Who was right? Then it dawned on me. Sometimes a question has more than one correct answer. These wise and wonderful men had given me two workable options, and allowed me to make my own choice. I could try both and see which one was right for me.

Right Answer

I learned a great lesson that day. Sometimes there is more than one solution to a problem, and when faced with a challenge, there is no-one better than our Magic & Mystery School family to point us in the right direction.


Learning never ends at the Magic & Mystery School. Students attend and complete classes, but they never graduate. Jeff is very insistent about this, and with good reason. Each event is a unique experience, and there is always more to be learned. Graduating would assume that the learning is over, and that is just not the case. Only with the realization that there is always more to learn, can we ever reach our full potential. I look forward to my continued learning with each and every one of you.

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