I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be.
—Albert Einstein

Jeff & Abbi McBride
Magical Greetings from Jeff and Abbi in Las Vegas!

What will you become this year — and what would you give up to obtain that goal?

Jeff is just home from tour and has a few new stories to tell you…stories of dreams, goals and inspirations.


Hey! Jeff here in Vegas! My friend, the writer Mike Burke, reminded me of something I had said that inspired him. I’ll share it with you, too.

“Go deep into the source of your inspiration, and get an excellent guide to take you deeper, beyond your limits.”

I find guides in some of the strangest places! I meet them on airplanes, cruise ships, waiting for a taxi, and even surfing the internet blogs! I want to share an interesting list of “resolutions” that came my way… it comes from film producer Peter Guber.

10 New Year’s Resolutions You Must Make For Your Greatest Business Success

  1. Embrace flying in the red zone – this is where the greatest risk, but also the greatest opportunity awaits.
  2. In gathering collaborators and support, focus on “what’s in it for them” – this will garner their attention and intention to respond to your call to action.
  3. Be authentic and have your feet, tongue, heart and wallet all going in the same direction – this creates a trusted and respected relationship which precedes transactions.
  4. Be interactive – engage social media to change yesterday’s sales monologue into today’s dialog. Today, everyone wants to be participants, not just passengers.
  5. Share success – emotional and open acknowledgement for work well done is critical to sustaining a motivational workforce.
  6. Be generous– your scarcest resource is your time and when you spend it helping other people, you reward yourself, others and your organization.
  7. Be a challenger to your own incumbency – sustaining your success requires constant reinvention. If you don’t, it can mean extinction.
  8. Use the emotional resonance of purposeful story telling with the facts and information embedded inside, as your secret sauce to create memorable and actionable results –for success in business you’re always in the emotional transportation business.
  9. Embrace failure – if you’re not failing on occasion, you’re not taking enough chances testing the real quality of your talents and will unlikely achieve your greatest success.
  10. Habituate yourself to success – review your resolutions quarterly and remember good habits create great results.

Join Me in the Locked Room!

Yes I know it sounds ominous, but let me explain…our school does not “expose” magic on our Web TV channel, so we created a safe place, a ‘virtual classroom’ behind closed doors, to share our magic techniques with our students.  We call it “The Locked Room.”

I have 2 Locked Room training sessions coming up:

Fire Magic – I will teach some of the most impressive fire magic ever seen. Audiences LOVE fire magic! How to best travel with fire props, the best fire magic effects and why!

Silk Magic – I’ve toured the world using silk magic in my show.  Now, for the very first time, I have created a special 90 minute training session where I will teach you all I know, as well as anything you might ask about, and you can learn my favorite silk magic effects.

Larry George, Bryce and Tobias are all teaching classes in “The Locked Room,” too, so come see what we are building for you!

Real Magicians Help Others’ Dreams Come True

You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us.
And the world will live as one.

— John Lennon

New things are happening with our online Magic School.  Our business is helping make our students dreams come true… and here is how we do it. I  sincerely hope you will consider joining us to become a member of the VIRTUAL Magic & Mystery School.  Not only will you receive special benefits at each level of membership, but you will also help the School fulfill its mission of improving the art of magic one magician at a time! Learn more.

Passion and Commitment

One of our passions is helping to create a thriving community for magicians. Recently our Mystery School Monday show featured an episode on Magical Community. You can watch it online.


WONDERGROUND is the center of the Las Vegas Magic community.
— Paul Vigil, Las Vegas  Close-up Magic Artist

Photo Credit: Flash Adams

I love hosting my friends at my nightclub experience here in Vegas. We are now in our 4th year!  This kind of long run is unheard of for a non-casino show in Las Vegas!

International Magic Festival Night at Wonderground!

One night only, Thursday January 17th, 7:30-Midnight! This month we will feature a global line-up of new acts never before seen in Las Vegas!

From Brazil: International award winner Henry Vargas
From Singapore: the new Asian star of Magic, Kyle Ravin
From the UK: Matt Black comedy magic
Las Vegas Street Magic by Michael Whitson
“The Shocker” returns with new magic and mayhem!
Mythic Dance by Jenevieve the Serpentine Sorceress
Christian Diamond will be the elegant host the Close-Up Theater
Tim Wise will host the 8pm Variety, Magic & Comedy show
MC Leo Diaz will mix master the sonic landscapes
THE NWR Dancers will perform 2 NEW sets of sensual belly dance
ART INSTALLATIONS by Areeya, Suzanne Lugano, Cameron Grant & local artists
TAROT & DIVINATION by Morganne & Stephanie.
To top it all off, Jeff McBride will perform a new  “World Premiere” set of magic.

For complete info go to

Ludlow, KY – McBride Magic Experience

The day after WONDERGROUND, I will jet to Kentucky, for one of my 2-day mini-conventions, featuring my full evening 1-Man show, my NEW Show Doctor Lecture and a full day SUPER SESSION workshop!

My full tour schedule is here:

Jeff McBride

Mystery School Goes Hollywood – February 4th through 10th

Yes friends, I know you have been waiting for two years for us to return! The faculty of the MAGIC AND MYSTERY SCHOOL will take over the ENTIRE Magic Castle! Every theater and showroom will feature one of Mystery School teachers! We will also offer a Sunday afternoon lecture, for Magic Castle members only.

Abbi and look forward to our time with our friends in Hollywood! We will see YOU online at  You can tune in 24 hours a day to catch the streaming magic!

We LOVE the muse letter and it is our way of staying connected with YOU!  Hey, you can always press “reply” to these Muse letters and Jeff and I will shoot you a hello right back!

Yours in magic community,

Jeff and Abbi

From Tobias:

Dear Friends – Happy New Year!

After this very long Museletter, I just wanted to chime in to let you know we still have 2 spaces left in the “Magic for Speakers and Presenters” master class from March 15-17, and 4 spots left for the Master Class that follows it, from March 18-24.  Grab those spots now…they’ll go fast!

Best to all.
Tobias Beckwith

In Praise of Professionals

Ring out the old, ring in the new,
Ring, happy bells, across the snow:
The year is going, let him go;
Ring out the false, ring in the true.

— Alfred Lord Tennyson

Dear friends:

Mayan CalendarWelcome to our new year. And, if you follow the Mayan calendars, to the new B’ak’tun — a term for one of their long cycles, each of which lasts for about 394 solar years. As it turns out, the Mayans never predicted an “end of the world” scenario for the recent turning of their calendar. As it turns out, their calendars track many different cycles, some of which are roughly analogous to our lunar cycles, monthly calendars and solar cycles. And on December 21, 2012, a lot of those cycles all cycled to zero.  What does this mean?  Nothing really.  It is just another system for counting time, not unlike the significance of New Year or midnight.  Once upon a time some human being somewhere decided it would be useful to count time in that way.

Nonetheless – the new year, the new B’ak’tun, the new era – and each and every new day, when it comes right down to it – give us each a chance to begin again. Wise men learn from the past, but are not governed by it.  When you can let the past go, look to your future, and live fully in the present, real magic is possible.  Each one of us has the potential, the real ability, to make each of our wildest dreams a reality. But to do so, we must let go of our old, imagined limiting beliefs, and be willing to re-create ourselves as the ones who will live those dreams.  Jordan Wright is our guest author this month, and he addresses an issue which I KNOW has been one of my own limiting beliefs:  The feeling that I must do it all myself, instead of enlisting the aid of others whenever I could.

In Praise of Professionals!
by Jordan Wright

Jordan WrightIn my travels I meet many magicians, see many websites, am shown many promo videos, and collect countless business cards.  The one glaring issue of everything I see is people trying too hard to make everything themselves. How many of have at one time or another attempted to make our own promotional materials? These days, with every aspect of design accessible on our computers, it is so easy to become caught up in a desire to do everything ourselves just to save a few bucks here and there.  With very little knowledge of graphic design, we can download software to make it easy for us to design our own business cards.  Most of our computers come with free video editing software that gives the ability to edit our own demo videos. Why would we want to pay someone to design our website when there is such an abundance of free and low-cost programs that claim to be easy to use?

The answer is that we pay someone else because they have specialized knowledge. Just because we have the ability to do everything ourselves does not mean we will do the best job.  Hiring a professional who has studied graphic design, video production and marketing will often produce much better results than we could produce on our own, whether it be for business cards, a website, or a demo video.

Everyone has his or her own area of expertise. Just as some magicians excel at card controls, other magicians are excellent at mentalism. Some people’s specialty is graphic design, and they know the process inside and out. By trying to make everything ourselves, we end up taking time away from what we are really good at. And often times things do not turn out the way they would have had we only consulted a professional – someone with specialized knowledge. You end up sacrificing quality by cutting corners.

Many people say that money is tight and they cannot afford to have everything professionally designed. The answer to that is to prioritize – decide what your budget is and what is most important for you to market yourself. Just remember that everything communicates. If your business card has perforated edges and looks homemade, then people will associate that with the quality and value of your work. I have found that the most successful people in the business hire other professionals to ensure that their materials communicate their message most effectively. Know your strengths and leave the rest to the professionals!

Thanks, Jordan! Great advice. I know many people think, “Once I’m successful, I’ll be able to afford to build a great team.” The truth of the matter, though, is that if you don’t build that great team NOW, you may never reach that point of success. Allies and team members support your dreams in so many ways, and they are really essential for success.

Magic & Mystery School Faculty

At the Magic and Mystery School, we are blessed with great team members. Many of you may not realize it, but Jeff, Eugene, Abbi, Larry Hass, Bryce Kuhlman, George Parker and I “get together” every Monday morning in a Google Hangout to discuss the week that will be coming up.  Sometimes we’re joined by Jordan, Tim Wise or Leo Diaz – all valued team members. Each one of us brings different perspectives and different skills to the table, and each one makes invaluable contributions to the quality of all our endeavors, whether those take the form of “Monday Night Mystery School,” on, a new web-site for the school, upcoming classes, touring events where our various members perform and teach…or to this Museletter.

And so, before leaving you to consider what dreams you will realize for yourselves this year, I wanted to take just a moment to say thank you.  First to Jeff and Eugene for dreaming up what has become the McBride Magic & Mystery School.  Then to all those I named above – our “inner circle” who work together to make it all happen.  And, finally, to all of you reading this.  Without your interest and support, we could never do what we do. Each one of you, just by reading these Museletters, or tuning in on Monday evenings, or attending classes, is helping us to make our dream of creating better magic a reality. We are deeply grateful for that support, and for your sharing the dream with us.  Happy New Year!

Tobias Beckwith

PS:  Be sure and check our calendar at for some exciting classes coming soon. We are offering our first ever “Magic for Speakers and Presenters” in March, along with our first 7-Day Master Class of 2013. Sign up now – it’s a great way to commit yourself to your dreams for the New Year!